Pierce the Veil is a local metalcore band known for their heavy guitar riffs, on-point live vocals, and electric stage presence. Besides their hard-hitting songs, their quirky disposition on stage and in person also make them memorable. The band’s newly released music video for their song “Floral and Fading” creatively shows off how personable and charming this band really is.
The video begins at a bowling alley in the ’70s, as Pierce the Veil is prepping for their performance. The stage is inconveniently set in the middle of the alley, and the band is awkwardly adorned in floral shirts, pleated pants, sweater vests and wigs.
As Jaime Perciado’s groovy bass line and Mike Fuentes’ steady rhythm lead in the song, Vic Fuentes’ vocals attract a crowd of confused yet intrigued people. Then, Tony Perry’s fuzzy guitar tone comes in, tying the instruments together and getting the crowd moving. The night is going well; slow dancers move to the music and bassist Jaime even receives a brazier as a heartfelt gift from a fan. However, as the song reaches a crescendo, a fight breaks out.
To start off, two boys get into a tussle. Then, more people join in, turning the fight into a mosh pit. The song soon arrives at its climax. Tony Perry surfs the crowd and delivers a stellar guitar solo as the mosh pit intensifies. A lone couple, on the other hand, passionately kisses in the back of a car.
The bowling alley manager passes his (tolerance) limit and tries to shut the place down, to no avail. People bring out their lighters and someone pulls the fire alarm, starting the performance back up. Pierce the Veil, drowned in red lights and passion, start breaking and bashing their instruments and amps. Ultimately, even Fuentes’ vocals become more desperate, as he sings about making a getaway with his lover from life and its negativity.
This music video turned out to be one big cliche, and I loved it. Although Pierce the Veil is known as a middle school “emo” band, they will always have my support, especially when they produce music as amazing as “Floral and Fading.” This sweet, cliche music video is just an added bonus.


DJ Ricky P