Meet Alexis:

From Seattle, Washington, Alexis Jimenez is currently a freshman here at SDSU studying international business with an emphasis in both Western European studies and French. On campus, she’s involved with the International Business Society. Alexis likes to start her day by drinking green tea every morning, and she dislikes fruit (fruit smoothies are the exception). Frank Ocean, Khalid, and dvsn are her most played artists on Spotify. In the future, Alexis aspires to be an international fashion buyer or a retail product manager. 

Where are your favorite places to shop?

Topshop, Zara, Nordstrom, Nasty Gal, Revolve, and Reformation. All of those stores have a variety of styles, and I like to be creative with what I wear. Whether it’s comfy or formal, I always like to be up-to-trend. I like looking for little, random boutiques, too, because you always find the best things in the places you least expect. That’s why I love thrift shopping.

When you start your day, how do you decide what to wear?

My mood. But, I like to be productive throughout the day, so that always inspires me to look and feel my best. When I dress lazy, I feel lazy.

Out of your closet, what is one item you could never retire?

My ripped jeans from Zara. They’re called “cigarette jeans,” and I want everyone to go get a pair. You can wear them with anything! I dress them up with a cardigan and booties, or dress them down with a baggy t-shirt and sneakers. I like my clothes to be versatile.

If you could swap closets with someone for a day, who would it be?

My cousin, Vanessa. She has a mixture of high-end things and thrift store and vintage finds, and she knows how to piece everything together. She owns a little bit of everything – I love that.

This week is New York Fashion Week. What are you looking forward to the most?

I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s outfits and the new collections designers are showing. I love seeing all the models, celebrities and bloggers, and what they’re going to wear to the shows. I think the hype surrounding fashion week is the funnest part because you’ll see everyone post pictures and videos of themselves getting reading and pulling up to the shows, and even sneak peeks of what the venues and outfits look like. 

If you could see any show during fashion week, who would you want to see?

Alexander Wang (@alexanderwangny) is my favorite. His collections always resemble street style – it’s casual. He does a lot of black, but everything always looks chic. His collections are simple, yet sophisticated. It’s the same with Zadig & Voltaire (@zadigetvoltaire). They have amazing shoes and bags, and they have a lot of fun details. They’re also a good mix of street style and high fashion.

New York Fashion Week is a big week for fashion bloggers and capturing street style. Who are your favorite fashion bloggers?

Rocky Barnes (@rocky_barnes) and Aimee Song (@songofstyle). They each have a different look to them, and they’re always wearing color and switching up their styles. I think they have the best street style – classy, casual and a whole lot of chic! I love how you can see their personalities through the way they dress, and they pick the most beautiful backdrops to shoot [photographs of] their OOTDs (Outfit Of The Day) with. Rocky and Aimee are both independent, confident women who work for themselves, which is why I really look up to them.

What is your favorite trend that you’ve seen during fashion week?

Embroidered leather jackets. They always add a pop of sass to any outfit, which definitely matches my level of sass. I love how they give any outfit that finishing touch, and they make a statement no matter what you wear and wherever you go. 

What is something you would like everyone to know?

I always have a huge smile on my face, which can scare some people, but I just like to stay positive and enthusiastic.  I’m very passionate about volunteer work and working with children with special needs. Whether it’s doing a random act of kindness or volunteer work, you have the opportunity to impact the world and the people around you. Always start your day on a good note. I do that by always trying to be the best version of myself.

Featured Image by Sabrina Kim.