The Perfect Music for Finals Week

Every college student has something they can’t live without during finals week. For some, it’s coffee; for others, it’s comfortable sweatpants.

But there’s one thing everyone needs for effective studying – a long, dope playlist that’s focus-friendly. Luckily, the KCR Blog has your back – whether you prefer your study music to be acoustic or electronic, grandiosely cinematic or relaxed, folksy or funky. Down below is an eclectic, 105-minute long playlist specially crafted for late nights and early mornings in the 24/7.

Yours truly will be back posting on the blog next semester, so stay tuned for more great stuff (most likely reviews on the highly-anticipated albums scheduled for release next year).

Happy studying – and don’t forget your Scantrons.


Sydney Sweeney

Journalism & Creative Writing major. My not-so-guilty pleasures include YA romance novels, Christoper Cross' debut album, and Trader Joe's vegan ice cream. Find me in the KCR studio, where I get to shove my wonderful music taste in people's ears on Wednesdays from 5-6 p.m. Sorry, people.