Nostalgic November – My Top 10 Throwback Jams

November is the month to be thankful and appreciative of the memories this year held. It’s all about being with the ones you love; it’s shedding a few tears in between bites of pumpkin pie; it’s looking forward to an even better year. Therefore, in the spirit of reminiscing, it is only appropriate I share the top ten best songs of my childhood. These are the songs I jammed out to as a little kid and still jam out to in the car now.

10.  Sean Kingston – Beautiful Girls

I specifically remember showing my classmates this song during recess in grade school. Its sample of Ben E. King’s classic “Stand By Me” might have given old timers a heart attack, but 9 year old me didn’t care in the slightest. The song is a tale of heartbreak and unrequited love, a true bop. Love was pure back then and “Beautiful Girls” is an anthem of that era.

9. Paramore – That’s What You Get

From their heavily pop punk era of “Riot”, Paramore’s song “That’s What You Get” is a popular crowd pleaser for concerts then and now. The catchy guitar riff and Hayley Williams’ melodic lyricism makes this a song that will forever be apart of my childhood. Even now, I still get the butterflies when Paramore performs this song live. The band lets the crowd sing-shout the words making the atmosphere so electric. Forget the haters, “That’s What You Get” is an absolute bop and I have no shame.

8. Kelly Clarkson – Since U Been Gone

I’ve never felt heartbreak but after listening to this song I always feel like I’ve been dumped by my boyfriend of 6 years. This song is an anthem for the girls who find happiness after a toxic breakup. Kelly Clarkson kills the game with bangers like “Since U Been Gone”. Thanks to her I can yell the lyrics to this in my car whenever I’m mad and I always feel immensely better.

7. Young Dee – Beautiful Creation

“Beautiful Creation” was the simp anthem of any middle school boy. If this song could’ve been a religion for 12 year old boys back then, Young Dee would’ve been a god. These boys, in their snapbacks and carrying $30 ukuleles, looked for the girl they could call “shawty” even though the word love was not in their vocabulary. However, despite how annoying this song was, I still bump this song in the car as I reminisce about the middle school days.

6. Miley Cyrus – 7 Things

“7 Things” was a controversial song amongst tween girls. This dropped around the time of the #Niley (Nick Jonas and Miley Cyrus) breakup and everyone went wild. The music video had so many clues pointing towards this catastrophic event like Nick’s dog tag and pictures of them with his face blurred out. Miley Cyrus knew what she was doing with this song and it killed me.

5. Jonas Brothers – Lovebug

Not including the Jonas Brothers on this list would have been mutiny for they are pop rock gods. Their song “Lovebug” is a true testament to their musicianship and lyricism. I still listen to this song because it’s genuinely really catchy and well written. Even the music video was creative, telling the story of a couple separated by war but eventually are reunited with each other. “Lovebug” is a pure love song that shows how underrated the Jonas Brothers were as a tween pop band.

4. The Killers – Mr. Brightside

The first line of the song is enough for “Mr. Brightside” to be considered an ultimate bop. Listen to it and you will understand. That is all.

3. Jesse McCartney – Leavin’

“Beautiful Soul” is good, but “Leavin'” is a  songwriting masterpiece. Once you heard the intro’s cellphone beeps, you knew Jesse McCartney was dropping an unprecedented chorus about ‘G5s’ and ‘ohs’ that kill me every time.  It’s impossible to explain what this song makes me feel because even 8 year old me didn’t know what or how to feel. However, I do know that “Leavin'” is a bop responsible for the awakening of girls all over the world. That is a fact. Justin Bieber will never get on this level.

2. Jonas Brothers – Year 3000 (Cover)

Pop punk enthusiasts will argue with me about this but in my honest opinion, the Jonas Brothers’ Busted cover of “Year 3000” is so much better than the original. Even though I love Busted’s version, the Jonas Brothers have a more cohesive sound allowing the song to flow together nicely. The guitar intro is cleaner than Busted’s piano intro, the tempo of the song is faster, and it’s something I can go hard to in the car. I will say this again: the Jonas Brothers is an underrated band with musicianship and writing skills unprecedented by any tween pop group.

1. Aly & AJ – The Potential Breakup Song

Many people forget how good this song is. Aly & AJ. The instruments, the lyrics, everything about this song is impeccable. The synth sounding guitar/bass riff, the angsty lyrics, and the sisters’ vocal dynamic make this song a classic bop among tween girls. Even though Aly & AJ dropped off the face of the earth after Disney, they have started making music again and even performed a stripped down version of this song at The Roxy. This girl group exemplifies feminine prowess and true talent.

Rica Perez

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