Kpop N More! Tune in Tuesdays 10-11am for an hour of Korean music and mini Korean language lessons to quench your curiosity beyond that so-called “Gangnam Style”.

Some artists that we feature on air:

Big Bang


Epik High



Lee Sun Hee

Seo Taiji

3rd Line Butterfly

and more


Some Korean language topics we talk about:

What does ‘물끄러미’ mean?

What are some idioms that contain the word ‘poop’?

Why can’t you say 당신 to say ‘you’ in real conversation while you hear it so often in song?

Yep. And some more.


About the DJs:

Jini Shim is a graduate student of Applied Linguistics at SDSU. Her research interests are in Korean language translation/interpretation process and 1.5 generationers’ second language acquisition. Aside from being a walking Korean culture ambassador, she enjoys attending film festivals, discovering the next tasty stout, and noshing on vegan desserts.

Nick Mararac is a student at SDSU. He studies linguistics, french and Korean. He received his BS from the US Naval Academy. He enjoys traveling around the world, analyzing language, reading reddit, and lifting weights. You can probably find him on Grindr, or at a North Park cafe.

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