The Jeans and Flip-flop Epidemic

Its’s heating up here on campus and it’s not because of all you hot tamales. This is San Diego and the sun shows no mercy. The fact that the sweat is on doesn’t excuse poor outfit choices. Don’t you dare turn to your straight legged jeans or khaki shorts paired with your favorite pair of worn out rainbow sandals. I know it’s “comfortable” and “convenient” but comfy and convenient doesn’t have to mean putting your fashion at stake. You might as well visit the mortuary because your rep is dead. But fear not, because grandmother glamour is here to rescue you from a tacky and tasteless death.

Think about the countless clothing options that scream coolest cat in town, literally and figuratively. Not only will you be cool, but you’ll be cool. Take these tips to heart, cutie, because you should never settle for less. Especially when it comes to rockin’ the worlds of everyone around you with your grade-A garbs.

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Granny tip #1: Make like a cake and layer

Finicky weather can be combated with sensible battle armor. Layered battle armor, no less. Don’t let the frigid fifty degree morning weather pierce your fragile San Diegan skin, but also don’t over exert that sun-kissed skin of yours once afternoon hits. Whether it be a cute dress with a warm cardigan or some cool jeans and a sweater with a handy undershirt, it’s easier to be able to do something about it than nothing at all. Having layers gives you the freedom to do something about it. Get too hot? Take your 99.9% fine wool sweater off and air out.

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Granny tip #2: Flip-flops are a flop

They’re sensible, they’re easy to wear, but if you’re not planning a trip to the beach any time soon, try again. Characteristics like sensibility and ease can be found in all different kinds of shoes. If you’re going to be spending $30-$50 on something to protect your feet as you rush from class to class, invest in a versatile shoe. Time and time again you might turn to your beat up rainbows, but try showin’ some love to some comfy Vans, boots, shoes that say you’re ready to kick the day’s sunny butt.

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Granny tip #3: Put the “fun” in “college student fashion”

You can’t see the fun right away, but it takes time, just rearrange the letters and you’ve got it. Overall, just rock who you are in this battle against the elements. Every little fashion statement you’ve chosen for yourself is a reflection of who you are, so own it, dude. I’m all for letting the world know about how tired you are of it’s shenanigans, but it doesn’t mean you can’t look smokin’ while doing so. Swap those khaki shorts for some jean shorts that hug what Mother Nature gave ya. Don’t hide behind your clothes and call it comfort. Let the you shine through with confidence while also being comfortable enough to withstand a full day of large lectures and presentations. You’ll shine so bright your poor peers will need sunglass protection from more than just the sun. Don’t let the heat bring ya down, cutie. Sweat in style.

These are all just little things that cross my mind as we leave the winter that never happened and inch towards the heat San Diego’s known for. Do with it what you will, but just know that grandma’s always got your back.

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Jesseca Aquino

This is Jess here givin ya the scoop on me. I'm a freshman art education major who's not afraid to school ya on things other than how to draw circles and mix paints. Never hesitate to come up to me if you ever see me around, I'm just some art gallery nerd who wants to be a librarian/art teacher that sells cute crafts on the side someday. Let's go pick flowers or something.