Glaive, San Diego

Glaive closes out the United States portion of his “I CARE SO MUCH THAT I DON’T CARE AT ALL” tour in San Diego, on October 8th, 2023.  Walking into this concert I did not know what to expect, I didn’t know much about Glaive, his fans, or his music. Glaive’s music, according to his fans, […]

Bryson Tiller: TRAPSOUL

You probably haven’t heard the name Bryson Tiller since 2015, then again when he released his “ANNIVERSARY” album in 2020. Now he’s back on the road for his “Back and I’m Better”tour (referencing lyrics to one of his songs) that kicked off in San Diego on May 4th. Setting the stage for a sold out […]

Soakin’ Up Sun Room

On February 3rd, Sun Room performed their biggest headline show yet, the SOMA mainstage. The night started off with an electric opener, The Grinns, a band that also originates from Southern California, who evoked crowd surfing and mosh pits within the first song. The Grinns played a number of their own originals, gaining many new […]