it’s a fire a passionate hatred a fire within you that burns within me we’re all trying our best i cannot rest until you are dead white wolf, dark wolf cup stays half full shadow worn like a cape hang on my back and pull me down i thought about you yesterday if i would […]


dear let me see through the technicolor haze the smell of petrichor dilute my selfish ways selective sight set to sonder assume a role in the world’s ensemble nowhere to go, so i wander a fitting end to life’s preamble oh dear if i could see you now i’d not tell you of the horrors […]

Cavetown at the Music Box

Robin Skinner, better known as Cavetown, released his breakout album, Lemon Boy, in 2018. On Tuesday, October 22, he played an emotionally evocative set at the Music Box.  Opening with “Hug All Ur Friends,” Cavetown exhibited a playfully nervous demeanor, similar to what is exhibited on his YouTube channel and across his collection of music […]