Music Vibes: Songs Sure to Get You in the Fall Mood

It is FINALLY starting to feel like fall. Like many of you, I’m sure there’s nothing better to get you in the autumn mood than some good tunes. With old and new songs and artists, this fall Indie guide will make you want to snuggle up in a cozy sweater with some coffee. Just sit back, relax and check out the artists below for the full fall experience.

The Paper Kites

So pretty much anything by The Paper Kites is sure to put in fall mode. Their music screams cozy vibes. Of all their songs though, “Bloom” is without a doubt my favorite every fall season.



Toronto based indie group Alvvays (pronounced Always) is another one to look out for this season. Their song “Dream Tonite” is a great one for cruising around at night or snuggling up in bed.

Milo Greene

Based out of LA, Milo Greene emulates nostalgia. Their music is perfect for fall with its soothing harmonies and comforting acoustic sounds. Feel free to add some of my favorites, “1947” and “Autumn Tree,” to your fall playlist.

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

Best known for their song “Home” from a range of films and shows like “Stuck in Love” and “Gossip Girl,” Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic provide a folk-like indie influence to your fall playlist.

The Lighthouse And The Whaler



This more upbeat indie group is great for the fall. Their use of chimes and drums is sure to comfort you throughout the cold weather season. Check out their song “Venice,” which is my personal favorite.

If you like any of the songs or artists above, try listening to their related artists. You can put the artist’s “radio” channel on Pandora or Spotify and just keep the fall vibes going, while discovering some great artists and songs along the way.

Last Minute Costumes!

Last Minute Costumes:

So, it’s Halloweekend and big surprise – you don’t have a costume yet. No worries, we got you covered to make sure you have a great weekend with simple and fun costumes sure to be a hit at any party.


With the success of Stephen King’s reboot of the movie IT, you’re sure to see a bunch of clowns out and about this Halloween. To make this costume, all you need is some red lipstick, white face paint if you have it, and a onesy/white clothes. Use the white paint on your face, and the red lipstick/paint for your nose, lips, and the rest of your face.


The “Old” Taylor Swift

If you haven’t heard, the “Old” Taylor Swift is apparently dead, so why not bring her back to life this Halloween? All you need an old white t-shirt, rimmed glasses and fabric markers. Feel free to write in all your BFFS and some famous celebs within the Taylor Swift crew to embrace young T-Swift this Halloween.


Beer Pong

Looking for a clever costume as a pair or on your own? Look no further. All you need is a black t-shirt ( or any color t-shirt, let’s be real – we’re not picky), some glue, red solo cups and maybe some ping pong balls! Perfect for a college party and a great way to use up some left over solo cups!

Bob Ross

The king of painting is always a great costume. All you need is an afro-type wig (teased hair), all jean attire, a paintbrush and a makeshift palette. Go around, be sure to paint some trees, offer some art advice and embrace your inner Bob Ross!


Salt Bae

I’m sure you’ve all  have seen or heard of this amazing man who sure knows how to salt his meat. To be him for Halloween, all you need is a white v-neck t-shirt, black jeans, black shoes, circle rimmed glasses and salt. Be sure to perfect your pose for authenticity.



Would it really be Halloween without Stranger Things? That’s right, it’s back and better than ever. What’s a better way to celebrate the return of the epic show than by dressing up as 11?  All you need is some EGO waffles, a blonde wig, a dark jacket and maybe a bloody nose detail. 

How I Saw The xx at The Observatory

After tickets for The xx show at The Observatory sold out in 20 minutes, I found myself at a loss. A friend and I had been wanting to see them for awhile now, so when the weekend of Sept. 23 approache, we were determined to finally make it happen.

For those of you who do not know who The xx are, think back to Project X. That’s right. In addition to the movie’s famed “Heads Will Roll” A- Trak remix, The xx’s “Intro” was used to close out the film. The band consists of three members: Romy, Jamie and Oliver. Together, the three of them create sweet, sweet indie pop sounds.

As we stood between the bar and the entrance to The Observatory, my friend and I had to painfully hear songs such as  “I Dare You” and “Say Something Loving” through the walls. We couldn’t take it anymore. So, we did what any self-respecting fan would do – we just snuck in.

I am not writing this in hopes that you will sneak into Observatory shows or give you a “how to” guide – that is not my intention. But, desperate times call for desperate measures. With the help of an old yellow receipt in my purse, some tape and a heck of a lot of confidence, my friend and I flashed our makeshift wristbands and booked it into the crowd. We were in, SUCCESS.

After hearing songs such as “VCR “and “Shelter,” we were hooked. The performance was amazing thus far, but then the Jamie xx solo happened. Jamie not only played his hit song, “Loud Places,” with his bandmates, but continued on as he freestyled his way to his new remix of the group’s song, “On Hold.” The crowd went absolutely nuts when Jamie’s bandmates then came out to perform the full song.

I have been to many shows, but I have never witnessed a crowd like that one. It was truly amazing to be part of something so magical – applause and cheers went on for 3-5 minutes at a time. It was evident that although small, the venue was packed with loyal fans who could not contain their love for the British trio. If you ever get the chance, even if you are not familiar with The xx, I 100 percent recommend seeing them play anyways (buy a ticket).

KCR College Radio does not endorse unpaid entrance into shows.

CRSSD Fall ’17: The Highlights

The past three times I have attended CRSSD, I have never been disappointed, and this year was no exception. With sunshine, sparkles and delicious cocktails surrounding me, I found myself in pure bliss once again at Waterfront Park for the bi-annual house festival. Despite the absence of Damian Lazarus & the Ancient Moons,  this small San Diego festival has once again satisfied my House x Techno sweet tooth.

Unfortunately, it was impossible to see everyone on the CRSSD ’17 lineup, but hopefully I am able to shed some light on what went down this past weekend.

Weekend Favorites:

Chris Lake:
After hearing Chris Lake’s 2016 single, “Operator (Ring Ring),” at practically every stage during CRSSD Spring ’17, it was expected that this English artist would dominate with his own set at CRSSD, and boy did he! Chris Lake did not hesitate to bring all he had, as he hyped the crowd with recent hits such as “I Want You” and “Nothing Better.”


Hotel Garuda:
As someone who has already seen Hotel Garuda twice, I was shocked to find that their CRSSD set strayed from the usual, and let me tell you, IT SLAYED! In previous set’s, Hotel Garuda is know to get groovy and yes, even a little dirty in their beats. But, over the weekend, they pleased festival goers with a nice balance of funk, house and the “Feels.”


Speaking of the THE FEELS, this Australian trio is unlike any other, making you feel things you didn’t think you could in musical performance. The live version of their hit song “Innerbloom” is the epitome of them as a group. RUFUS DU SOL is one of my favorite artists of all time and I was thrilled to finally see a full RUFUS set. Their set embodied everything CRSSD! The unity, the love, the vibes!


The Black Madonna:
ALL HAIL THE QUEEN! Meet the woman who defies what it means to be a female DJ. Although many may have been unfamiliar with her name, The Black Madonna truly put her stamp on the festival with a remarkable set that was somewhere between disco and techno. With her DGAF attitude, The Black Madonna poured her energy into the crowd.


Song of the weekend:

17 By: MK

Played both at Hotel Garuda and The Magician’s sets, the presence of MK was heard as his new single 17 was played multiple times throughout the weekend. As a performer last year, and inspiration this year, MK proves time and time again why he continues being a huge part of house music 28 years later.

CRSSD 2018?

Carl Cox: If you want an OG house DJ, look no further than the father himself. Carl Cox began his career back in the early 80’s and has continued proving to the world why he is a house God. To have him at CRSSD would be legendary, and I for one, would LOVE to see that happen.

Hayden James: Following the line of amazing Australian artists, Hayden James is not very known here in the U.S. – but don’t be fooled. Signed under Future Classic with other artists such as Flume and Chet Faker, (who both previously performed at CRSSD) James shows true promise as a stand-alone artist with truly unique sounds.

Disclosure: Many know Disclosure for hit songs such as “Latch” and “You & Me,” but that is not all they should be known for: Disclosure is known to put on some amazing DJ sets. Disclosure is more than a few pop songs, and is a house duo that would put on a great CRSSD show if given the chance.