Rock n Roll is Dead

For a long time now I have noticed that there isn’t many rock bands in this day and age. While listening to KROQ, a rock station in LA, I noticed that most of the music they were playing was classic rock or songs from the early to mid 2000s. Almost simultaneously, me and dad turned to each other and said “why are there no rock bands anymore?”. We went into a conversation that lasted about an hour reminiscing on the height of rock music (which I wasn’t even alive for) and the decline of it.
My dad said “name a band right now that is releasing music that you think is rock?” I personally couldn’t think of anything. Yea I thought of Panic! at the Disco, Fall Out Boy and The Killers but their height was in the early 2000s when pop punk was it. For me, personally it takes a lot for me to get into a new artist so maybe there are some bands but how many of them will be held as rockstars.
I grew up taking after my dad’s and brothers’ music taste which is mostly classic rock. Names such as The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, The Animals, and Queen were always listened to. These bands are still my most listened to on Spotify (behind Harry Styles). I love watching documentaries on bands from the 60s-80s when Rock was the main event. People went crazy over these rockstars. And that is no longer around. Maybe I miss the counterculture of rock that I wasn’t around for.
This also isn’t just an opinion. As of now Hip-Hop/Rap is the most popular genre as opposed to rock which held the number one place for decades. Now, I do agree that times change and its time for something else to be on top I must admit that I miss Rock n Roll.


They Deserved Better: Michael Cordero Jr. and Wes Gibbins (Spoiler Alert)

I have two favorite shows: Jane the Virgin and How to Get Away with Murder. My favorite characters from each show were Michael Cordero Jr and Wes Gibbins. I used to enjoy watching each of these characters interact with others and watching their character grow. But what did I get in the third season if both of these shows… DEATH!! The Death of both of these characters! Why? Why are all of my favorites taken from me?
Wes Gibbins was literally the main character of How to Get Away With Murder. The entire show started because of him. Throughout the first two seasons we saw Wes go from a scared kid to a grown, strong man who is trying his best to make sure everyone is ok. He lost so much as a kid; his mother killed herself and he didn’t know who his father was. He went through so much crap and when he finally gets into a good relationship with someone he loves he is killed. The way he is killed is also heartbreaking. To see someone I loved and was attached to struggle for breath and then seeing his burned body in a morgue. I know that it sounds brutal but it was and it hurt. He deserved so much better than he got.
Lastly, the only tv show character who I believe I was completely in love with just as much as the main character Jane. A person who brings happiness to my soul. A person who made me know what love is. Michael Cordero Jr. Him and Jane went through their ups and downs but he never doubted that they were meant to be together. When they finally got married it was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen on tv. As they seasons progressed Jane and Michael were very much in love and Michael was providing Jane with support for her writing and with her child and so much love that even my heart couldn’t bare it. To start with his misfortune he got shot in the chest on his wedding night. Now if the tears didn’t start flowing after that I don’t think I could trust you. He then had to go through surgery and no one knew if he would make it and then he did. Everything was going great until he dropped dead in an exam room. My heart along with the hearts of millions of viewers were broken. He was one of the best guy characters ever to be created. He was loving. He was love. He deserved better.

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Coachella: Weekend One

On April 13, Coachella music festival began in the desert of Indio, California, for weekend number one.  There were plenty of groundbreaking and iconic performances, along with many celebrity cameos in the crowd.  The Weeknd was the headliner on the first night, performing right after SZA on the main stage. SZA brought out Kendrick Lamar as a special guest, and closed her set with their collaboration from “The Black Panther,” “All the Stars.”  Fans were hoping that Lamar would accompany The Weeknd  on “Pray for Me” from the the same film, however The Weeknd did not have any special guests for his hour and a half set, which is surprising considering his many recent and past musical collaborations.  The Weeknd performed songs from his new EP, “My Dear Melancholy,” and also songs from his previous album, “Starboy.”

On Saturday night, Beyonce took the stage as the headliner with a two hour show.  She began by singing her older anthems and then proceeded by inviting her husband, hip-hop artist Jay-Z, onto the stage for a preview of their tour this summer, “On The Run II.” Beyonce later brought out her ex-band members from Destiny’s Child, Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland, and they sang their early hits.  Solange additionally made an appearance during the set, as yet another guest. Beyonce set the stage, literally, as a star example for upcoming artists of Coachella and also managed to make music history for legendary performances.

The last performance of Coachella was none other than Detroit rap legend, Eminem.  He entered on the stage dressed to look like a Detroit factory worker, with the “313” Detroit area code plastered on a water tower.  There was a full band and strings set in the back, sitting along the urban themed scene. Skylar Grey made a guest appearance to accompany Eminem on “Stan” and “Love the Way You Lie.”  50 Cent also rushed the stage to sing “In Da Club,” “I Get Money” and “Patiently Waiting,” before Dr. Dre walked onto the stage to join Eminem. Dr. Dre paved the way for Marshall Mathers’ career, which made the Coachella set even more special with a producer-rapper collaboration.   

Call Me by Your Name Soundtrack: A Review (Kind Of)

“Call Me by Your Name,” directed by Luca Guadagnino, is a gorgeous film set in Northern Italy during the summer of 1983. It is a story about 17-year-old Elio Perlman and the love that grows between him and his father’s doctoral student, Oliver. It is a film based on the novel of the same name, that is very obviously a love story. But, it proves to be so much more as it reflects upon universal themes of longing, tenderness and unapologetic love. From its adapted screenplay to its cinematography, this film is a delicate yet colorful portrait of an Italian summer in the ’80s filled with desire, love and spontaneity.

Upon watching this movie, I knew I wanted to write about its brilliance and rave about its beauty. However, I do not trust myself not to spend the next hundred+ words just babbling and gushing about how pretty it was and how much it “meant” to me… eew. So what I’ll do instead is talk about the film’s gorgeous, beautiful, never done before, spectacular soundtrack. If there’s anything I am unapologetically confident about it is my love for music, and this soundtrack blew me away. So, I need all of you to be blown away as well.

The soundtrack is comprised of 17 songs by various artists and it was curated by the film’s director, Luca Guadagnino, film editor, Walter Fasano, and music supervisor Robin Urdang. The three types of songs that make up the album are classical piano tunes, ’80s hits and heavenly indie folk by the angelic songwriter Sufjan Stevens. The eclectic mix of songs seems like an unfortunate pairing at first listen, but in the end the soundtrack is a mixtape which explores the depth of sorrow and joy.

The classical songs by Ryuichi Sakamoto, John Adams and Valeria Szervanszky set a playful tone that can be felt throughout the entire film. Songs like “Hallejuah Junction,” “Sonatine Bureaucratique” and “Le jardin féerique” have an air of sophistication that I thought would clash with the pop heavy sounds of ’80s classics such as “Paris Latino” and “Words.” Funnily enough, when played together the two types of music evoke feelings of youth and curiosity, leaving me simultaneously excited and pensive. My favorite classical song on the soundtrack is “Une Barque sur l’Ocean” from Andre Laplante because it makes me feel like I am living within a Monet painting, but also because it goes so well with the sensual delicacy of the film’s cinematography. The songs on the soundtrack by The Psychedelic Furs, Bandolero and F.R. David are perfect given their power to immediately transport you to the ’80s. They give you the urge to dance and to have someone dance with you.

What brings this entire soundtrack together and makes it the beautiful masterpiece that it is, is the three Sufjan Steven songs “Mystery of Love,” “Futile Devices” and “Visions of Gideon.” Lucas Guadagnino approached Stevens to write a song inspired by the story. Stevens used the script and the novel to write Oscar nominated “Mystery of Love,” and my personal favorite “Visions of Gideon.” I know I am entering the zone of hyperbole here, but bare with me because these songs really are the epitome of sentiment and the true expression of what it is to be beloved. They are the perfect close to a soundtrack that goes through all the emotional highs and lows. They remind me what it is to be smitten and filled to the brim with romantic fuzziness, but at the same time they take me to tear inducing heartbreak and moments of soulful sorrow.

If you have not seen the film, I very very highly recommend it! If not for the soundtrack, or the cinematography or whatever artsy shpeel, at least do it to fall in love with the gorgeous Timothee Chalamet.