Givenchy (1927-2018)

On Monday, March 12, French fashion icon Hubert de Givenchy passed away at the age of 91.  Givenchy was born on Feb. 21, 1927, in northern France, where he was raised by his mother and grandmother.  In 1944, he moved to Paris to study art at the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux-Arts. After strongly considering a career in law, he decided to go into a fashion career.  At only the age of 17, he apprenticed the designer Jacques Fath, before moving on to work for famous French couture houses, such as Robert Piguet and Lucien Lelong. In 1952, Givenchy opened his own couture house and released a popular collection, that showcased long skirts and tailored shirts.  In his later work, he focused on designing fancy gowns, tailored suits and feminine hats. His last name became interchangeable with Parisian chic. By the 1960s, he was setting new trends and emphasizing certain parts of youthful fashion, like straighter figure shapes and shorter hemlines.

Givenchy is most famous for his friendship with and clothing designs for Oscar-winning actress Audrey Hepburn. He defined her cinematic style in her famous films, such as “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” and “How to Steal a Million.” One of his most widely-known designs is the black silhouette and pearls worn by Hepburn in one of the opening scenes of “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.”  Another woman who he was closely associated with was United States first lady, Jacqueline Kennedy. Kennedy often wore Givenchy gowns and showed off his collections at important events, including her visit to the Palace of Versailles in 1961 and meeting Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco.

Givenchy sold his company to Louis Vuitton Moet in 1988 and released his last solo collection in 1995.  After his retirement, he became the head designer for John Galliano, alongside Alexander McQueen and Riccardo Tisci.  His solo fashion designs began to be displayed at exhibitions around the world, from Musee Galliera in Paris to the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York.  In 1996, Hubert de Givenchy received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Council of Fashion Designers of America, after moving to a country estate in the French countryside. 


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What to Wear for 21 Birthday

You have waited for this day for so long and now it is finally here…your 21st birthday! It is probably the biggest birthday since you turned 16, so it’s kind of a big deal. You can finally go out and drink at the bars…can you say bottomless mimosas at Duck Dive on Sundays? This is the birthday celebration you have been looking forward to, so you have to look your best!

I have compiled a short list of outfits that you can wear on your special day that will have you feeling like a hottie but still be ready to rally!


It’s not quite a dress, but not quite a pair of shorts either! You can have the feeling of wearing a dress, without having to worry about showing stuff you don’t want to. Pair them with some cute heels, and then swap the heels for some sandals after you take all the cute pictures with your 21 balloons. Depending on the cut and print of your romper, you can go for a sexy or classy vibe and look like the birthday princess either way.



If you’re going for a more laid back look, pair a bodysuit with your favorite jeans! I personally like pairing my bodysuits with boyfriend jeans to have a little bit of a contrast between tight and loose, but pairing them with skinny jeans will have you fitting right in with all the club goers! You can pair these with booties or even a little heel, and be ready for the night!


Flowy Dress:

If there is any chance you will be drinking more than planned on your special day, veer away from tight clothes that might result in a wardrobe malfunction (we don’t need a Janet Jackson at the Superbowl Halftime part 2). Picking a flowy dress will have you looking like a goddess at mimosas and brunch in North Park, and it works straight through to dinner as well!

Jean Skirts:

Looking for something more laid back? Wear a cute tank top or off the shoulder shirt with a jean skirt! You can throw on some sandals, or pair them with your favorite pair of vans, and be ready for anything. This look can transform from daytime to a night in PB, and everybody will be jealous of those vans as they are limping around in their heels.


No matter what you choose to wear, you are going to rock your special day! Remember to always have a DD, use the buddy system (or have everybody on Find Your Friends), and be prepared to miss your 8 a.m. class the next day. Happy celebrating!

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How to Style Overalls

I bought my overalls about a year ago, and struggled to figure out how to wear them! I didn’t want to look like my five-year-old self that used to run around the playground in pigtails and overalls, but I didn’t want to overdo a look either. After finding a few ways to wear them, I never want to take them off! The second they’re dirty, I want to throw them in the wash and have them ready to wear the next day. They are a fun addition to an otherwise t-shirt and jeans outfit, so why not wear them as much a possible! Here is how I have learned how to style my beloved overalls and get the most use out of them:


  1. Cozy up: As much as we want Spring to come, winter is still here, but that won’t stop me from wearing my favorite outfits. Throw a cozy sweater or sweatshirt under your overalls and you will be ready for an overcast day! If you want to dress up your look, you can wear a cute pair of booties with your outfit. When it is especially chilly out, or if you’re like me and like to layer, throw a jacket over your overalls. I have paired my jean jacket with my jean overalls in the past, and it is a funky look that gets lots of compliments! Overalls can be made ready for any type of weather, which just adds to the reasons why I love them.
  2. Simple and sweet: This is my absolute favorite way to style them. When I get a day where I feel like looking girly, I go for this look! I add my favorite striped shirt, or crop top, some spring sandals, and curl my hair! Then I am ready for a day at the farmer’s market, a fun lunch date or even a day full of classes! I am still comfy in my jeans, but the overalls are an accessory built in to your look!
  3. On the go: for those days filled with homework, errands and chores, I know a look that will have you feeling put together. This is also perfect for the days when you need a little jump-start. Instead of throwing on your normal yoga pants and sweatshirt, put on your favorite tee and pull your hair up into a messy bun or a baseball cap. You can then add your favorite pair of Vans or Converse and be ready to go! All you need to do is get a cup of coffee in your hands, and you are set for a busy day!


Overalls can seem like a scary and risky piece of clothing to wear out, especially when you are used to the normal jeans and shirt looks. But adding this piece to my wardrobe was a great decision, and they are one of my favorite purchases. I look forward to wearing them as much as possible!


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Etsy out of the Screen

Etsy has expanded far from its frontiers. It went from being an online website where self made artist, and crafters sell their own creations, such as necklaces, unique Disney inspired ear headbands, paintings and much more, to becoming a mobile app, to now something even greater. Etsy served as an inspiration to Stephanie Payan and other artisans to form the SoCal Etsy Guild community.

With the creation of this community they offered an opportunity that went beyond Etsy’s option of buying on the go. The SoCal Etsy Guild made tangible Etsy markets available to the people of California. This markets are made up of local artists and crafters, serving as vendors, that come together to sell their items in person.

SoCal Etsy Guild markets hit San Diego in mid summer of 2017, and within a short period became extremely popular that they can now be found in two locations in San Diego. On the first Saturday of each month the market can be found in Mission Mall in between Michaels, and Nordstrom, while on the third Saturday of each month it is located at Horton Plaza on the waterfront patio.

Instead of browsing online San Diegans can now browse through the rows of stands filled with a variety of the same goods available online, but with less worries. One gets to see the product finished, and in person, leaving no space for weird, and unexpected surprises. Also, customers get to take it with them the moment they pay, no waiting time, and no need to pay a shipping fee. Can’t get any better than that, well no, it does. At this markets, some artists place their items at a lower price with great offers. SoCal Etsy Guild markets rise above expectations when it comes to benefits to the customers, and it’s great. People love to see the products before buying it, and what puts the cherry on top of everything is that one is able to meet the artists in person. Shining light on local artists is amazing, and it’s always great to know who your money is going to. What better way to help our communities than by supporting our local artists, instead of high corporates.