In the Closet of: Alexis Jimenez

Meet Alexis:

From Seattle, Washington, Alexis Jimenez is currently a freshman here at SDSU studying international business with an emphasis in both Western European studies and French. On campus, she’s involved with the International Business Society. Alexis likes to start her day by drinking green tea every morning, and she dislikes fruit (fruit smoothies are the exception). Frank Ocean, Khalid, and dvsn are her most played artists on Spotify. In the future, Alexis aspires to be an international fashion buyer or a retail product manager. 

Where are your favorite places to shop?

Topshop, Zara, Nordstrom, Nasty Gal, Revolve, and Reformation. All of those stores have a variety of styles, and I like to be creative with what I wear. Whether it’s comfy or formal, I always like to be up-to-trend. I like looking for little, random boutiques, too, because you always find the best things in the places you least expect. That’s why I love thrift shopping.

When you start your day, how do you decide what to wear?

My mood. But, I like to be productive throughout the day, so that always inspires me to look and feel my best. When I dress lazy, I feel lazy.

Out of your closet, what is one item you could never retire?

My ripped jeans from Zara. They’re called “cigarette jeans,” and I want everyone to go get a pair. You can wear them with anything! I dress them up with a cardigan and booties, or dress them down with a baggy t-shirt and sneakers. I like my clothes to be versatile.

If you could swap closets with someone for a day, who would it be?

My cousin, Vanessa. She has a mixture of high-end things and thrift store and vintage finds, and she knows how to piece everything together. She owns a little bit of everything – I love that.

This week is New York Fashion Week. What are you looking forward to the most?

I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s outfits and the new collections designers are showing. I love seeing all the models, celebrities and bloggers, and what they’re going to wear to the shows. I think the hype surrounding fashion week is the funnest part because you’ll see everyone post pictures and videos of themselves getting reading and pulling up to the shows, and even sneak peeks of what the venues and outfits look like. 

If you could see any show during fashion week, who would you want to see?

Alexander Wang (@alexanderwangny) is my favorite. His collections always resemble street style – it’s casual. He does a lot of black, but everything always looks chic. His collections are simple, yet sophisticated. It’s the same with Zadig & Voltaire (@zadigetvoltaire). They have amazing shoes and bags, and they have a lot of fun details. They’re also a good mix of street style and high fashion.

New York Fashion Week is a big week for fashion bloggers and capturing street style. Who are your favorite fashion bloggers?

Rocky Barnes (@rocky_barnes) and Aimee Song (@songofstyle). They each have a different look to them, and they’re always wearing color and switching up their styles. I think they have the best street style – classy, casual and a whole lot of chic! I love how you can see their personalities through the way they dress, and they pick the most beautiful backdrops to shoot [photographs of] their OOTDs (Outfit Of The Day) with. Rocky and Aimee are both independent, confident women who work for themselves, which is why I really look up to them.

What is your favorite trend that you’ve seen during fashion week?

Embroidered leather jackets. They always add a pop of sass to any outfit, which definitely matches my level of sass. I love how they give any outfit that finishing touch, and they make a statement no matter what you wear and wherever you go. 

What is something you would like everyone to know?

I always have a huge smile on my face, which can scare some people, but I just like to stay positive and enthusiastic.  I’m very passionate about volunteer work and working with children with special needs. Whether it’s doing a random act of kindness or volunteer work, you have the opportunity to impact the world and the people around you. Always start your day on a good note. I do that by always trying to be the best version of myself.

Featured Image by Sabrina Kim. 

Coconut Oil Craze

Recently, coconut oil has been in the spotlight for its ability to work cosmetic miracles. This stuff is absolutely magical, and if you don’t have a jar in your kitchen or bathroom, you must purchase one the next time you are out and about. I am such a huge coconut oil fan because there are so many ways you can use this product. So, buying it works to the advantage of your budget. Also, it’s completely natural and edible. Therefore, in my opinion, you can’t go wrong with it. Here are some ideas for how to incorporate coconut oil into your daily routine:

  1. Chapstick – A little goes a long way, people! Open the jar and smear a tiny bit on your finger, then apply it to your lips. They will be moisturized in no time!
  2. Face wash – Because this oil has disinfectant and antimicrobial properties, it can be used as a gentle face wash. Apply a dime amount to your hands, rub it onto your face, and then rinse thoroughly with water. This should leave your face feeling clean and smooth.
  3. Makeup remover – Apply a little bit of the oil to a cotton ball, a tissue or directly to the area with makeup, and rub gently. Your makeup should come off effortlessly.
  4. Moisturizer – This can be done in two ways. In the shower, you can apply oil to a washcloth, bristle brush or loofah, and rub it gently over your body. Or, you can apply it to dry skin for an instant moisture boost. Your call. Afterwards, you will be glowing.
  5. Teeth whitener – Swish some coconut oil around your mouth for a few minutes to kill bacteria and promote healthy gums!
  6. Sun protectant (which prevents wrinkles) -The antioxidant powers of coconut oil can reduce your chances of getting a sunburn. It also has a soothing effect on the skin, which feels lovely if you do get burnt.
  7. Cooking – Make the switch to coconut oil for cooking! It is a natural saturated fat, so it can be beneficial to your overall health, if consumed in moderate amounts.

Featured Image by Rachel Joseph.

In the Closet of: Zeynep Demiralp

Meet Zeynep:

Zeynep Demiralp lives in San Diego, but she’s originally from Istanbul, Turkey. Yes, she’s bilingual. She is a freshman studying business marketing here at SDSU. Her favorite food is kale, she’s been playing the piano for over 10 years, and her most played song on Spotify is “Kiss It Better,” by Rihanna. On the side, Zeynep likes to model and take pictures (check her out on Van De Vort, photographed by Ben Christensen). If a guy smells good, the chances that she’ll go up and talk to him are high. Her dream job would be to become an actress (she looks like Anne Hathaway, right?).

Where are your favorite places to shop?

Zara, LF, Trendy and Tipsy, Lululemon, and Nordstrom. All of those stores have something that express my style, which lets me express myself. Their clothes fit me perfectly and are made of good quality materials, and each store is good for something [specific]. Zara has the best jeans and Lululemon has the best active-wear. I’m always satisfied when I go to those stores; their customer service never disappoints.

What do you splurge the most on?

Hoodies and shoes. Hoodies are something you can always wear. If I want to dress casual or sporty, I can just throw one on. You can also throw a jean jacket or a leather jacket over the hoodie to dress it up. If I see one that comes in black, I have to get it. I don’t have a good reason for why I keep buying shoes, but does a girl need one? You’ll always see me wearing Adidas, Jeffrey Campbell, or Nike.

What would you say inspires you, or influences your style?

I like to dress “edgy” because it shows my personality. Fashion is a way for me to express myself without having to say anything. First impressions are important to me, and my outfit is the first thing people notice. Wearing black and ripped jeans gives the world an idea of who I am.

“Fashion is a way for me to express myself without having to say anything.”

Which public figures do you view as your style icons?

Kendall and Kylie Jenner, Gigi Hadid, and Hailey Baldwin. We’re all the same age, so I look up to them when it comes to how I dress myself. They’re always the people that I think of when I go shopping. I especially love their street style. 

Out of your closet, what would your staple item be?

Anything black – my outfit needs to have at least one black item. I usually wear boots or booties everyday, and I like clothes that show my figure. I always wear jewelry, so chokers are something you’ll see me wearing all the time.

If you could swap closets with someone for a day, who would it be?

Kylie Jenner and I have the same style and taste. She has the best makeup, jewelry, clothes, and handbags. I love designer handbags and her collection is endless. My favorite designers are Balenciaga, Prada, Céline, and Chanel. She has everything! 

What is your favorite spot on campus?

Starbucks has the best vibes. I always run into people, and seeing my friends is the highlight of my day. I’m also the biggest caffeine junkie. Lately, my go-to drinks have been unsweetened iced green tea and skinny iced mochas. 

What is your favorite quote to live by?

“Life is a journey, not a destination,” said by Ralph Waldo Emerson. I moved from Turkey to San Diego when I was 16 years old. If I didn’t take that step that changed my whole life, my life would be so different. It’s important to take chances in life, and to catch those moments to create something new.

“It’s important to take chances in life… catch those moments to create something new.”

Featured Image by Ben Christensen for Van De Vort.

Pokémon Sun and Moon First Day Review

After playing Pokémon Sun until my eyes burned today, I have several thoughts on the latest installment of the franchise. The art style, storyline, and new or improved mechanics combine to create a wonderful and fresh experience. 

Beginning with the art style, the design has taken a completely new direction. While 3D is no new concept starting with X/Y and ORuby/ASapphire, the animations feel far more personalized. Each Pokémon has a unique set of animations for moves and idle movements. Interacting with them in Refresh stands as a different experience per each Pokémon. Battles, also, tend to be more intense even with weak Pokémon and seldom is there a boring fight. 

While generic Pokémon exist regardless of region, this game contains far less of them. The designs remain diverse and colorful without rehashing designs frequently used before. Even with some of the Pokémon being returners, their new forms offer up exciting alternatives with battling.

Secondly, the story attracts my interest more than any of the previous 3D games. Nintendo attempts a new direction with this installment, replacing gyms with trials. These trials test trainers against the environment and wild Pokémon around them rather than a single hard-to-beat boss trainer. The natural environment of the island the game takes place in brings itself to the forefront throughout the entire game. Not only is this scenery diverse, it offers up plenty to explore and to discover through the region.

Finally, the mechanics of the game put new spins on old features, such as the Pokémon Amie from the previous 3D games. The Refresh can be used to heal your companions as they become injured as well as to bond. Z-Moves make their debut in this game, which give a heightened power to moves of a certain type based on what Z-Crystal you have collected. Each of these Z-Moves are unique to each Pokémon that uses them, and I find them incredibly entertaining to let unfold. Your Pokédex is sentient as well, offering comedy and commentary in the same sentences. This is because of a Rotom possessing the technology and speaking through it, something unique to these games.

Overall, the game intrigues and excites me and I look forward to finding out just where the rest of this story is taking me. I’ve yet to find a dull moment in this game aside from lag that a patch fixes in the coming days. If you were on the fence about buying the new game out of fear of being disappointed, cast away those fears and pick yourself up a copy of Sun or Moon!