Living with Demons 101

As someone who has never had the pleasure of enjoying their own room, I feel it is safe to say that I am somewhat of an expert on living with roommates. Just in the past three years alone, I have had a grand total of eleven different roommates. At one point, there were three of us in a room smaller than your average Taco Bell public restroom. While some of these roomies became in friends, a lot more of them fueled anger and passive aggressive sticky notes.

Here are my top three tips to survive those roommate nightmares.

Tip #1: Good Headphones

Sometimes, you get real unlucky and end up rooming with someone who snores like your dad after a really good Thanksgiving meal. Like a broken lawnmower, like twenty airplanes starting up at once, like a gentle avalanche amplified a million times. Now, there’s nothing you can really do, unless you feel like a daredevil and actually want to break the news to your roommate that you hate them because their snoring kept you up all night. So, my big tip here is headphones and a good white noise playlist. My favorite so far can be found here.  .

Tip #2: Voice Your Complaints

If you don’t speak up for yourself, no one else will, duh! If you are like me, and avoid confrontation at all costs, try voicing your complaint through a nice little sticky note. Last semester, I had this problem where someone kept taking my sponges from the kitchen. One day, I could wash my dishes, and the next, I couldn’t. After I had lost four sponges to this monster, I left a bright pink note that said “please stop stealing my sponges” with a cute little sad face. Just like magic, my sponges never disappeared again.

Tip #3: Don’t Be Small

When the going gets rough, the tough doesn’t roll up into a ball and let demons step all over them. Or however that saying is supposed to go. Either way, you get the sentiment. Do not make yourself small just to accommodate others, and do not let them walk all over you. Because, they will if you let them. This is the most important tip to living with demons. Also life in general, which is full of other types of monsters.

Here’s to hoping you never get stuck with any demons. If you do, just remember that a lot of us have been there. And if you decide you don’t like my tips, just hang out with a friend, where you can both complain about your own monsters.

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Why the 1980s Were the Best Decade

If you say that you do not like the ’80s, you need to stop lying to yourself. In all my 20 years of life, only one thing has remained constant, and that is the absolute, pure joy that music from the ’80s brings me. Sure, it might have seemed like the world was about to end with the rise of conservatism in politics, President Reagan and the AIDS epidemic, but that is not largely any different than what is going on now, if you think about it.

In the same way that we use memes and jokes to hide our pain and fear today, the good people of the ’80s decade blessed us with great hits to avoid that end-of-it-all feeling. These hits include songs like “Billie Jean” by Michael Jackson, “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” by Cyndi Lauper, “Take on Me” by A-ha and “I Wanna Dance with Somebody” by Whitney Houston. I almost got carried away there, and just made a list of every song I could think of, but that would be overkill.

The point is, how can you possibly resist singing along to every upbeat melody that came from this great time? You can’t! Every tune is absolutely infectious. Any time a song by Queen, Madonna, Tears for Fears, Prince, Bowie or Wham! comes on in the car, it is basically a rule that you must sing along. Also, just as a fun little life-tip, “Hungry Like the Wolf” by Duran Duran and “Don’t You Want Me” by Human League are great go-to karaoke songs.

And the culture, style and language that came from these artists was like totally rad. Righteous? Tubular? Yeah, yeah, gag me with a spoon, am I right? Not going to lie, I have been to a handful of ’80s themed parties and thrown a couple myself, just so I could indulge in neon colors, permed and teased hair, and bright lipstick.

Now, I don’t want to tell you how to live your life, but I do have to suggest that you find yourself a good 80s playlist. The “Stranger Things” inspired one on Spotify is pretty good place to start, if you’re a fan. And, I would suggest you invest in some ripped tights, a fishnet t-shirt or maybe some leather pants. Or, if you want to live your best life, all three.

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How to Not Make a Film

Just a couple weeks ago I saw a sign that read, “Can you make a five-minute film in a week?” It was an advertisement for a nationwide competition called Campus Movie Fest that gives college students full creative control to make their movie dreams come true, with free equipment! And, oh, did I make a film. Whether it was a good one or not is totally subjective. But, if you don’t like it you’re wrong.

For almost as long as I have known her, like (two-ish years) my friend and I have been brainstorming the greatest movie our little college educated minds could conceive. Not to give anything away, because it is still in the works, but noodles, Harry Styles, Angelina Jolie and the zombie apocalypse are all involved. This obviously could not all happen in a week, so we had to start somewhere else.

There were, however, a few hitches along the way.

The main problem was probably with the way we think about stories and ended up shooting our movie. What I mean is, there is no real story line. It’s just filled with all jokes, things we think are funny, and no planning. We centered our movie around one single joke. A whole three-minute video with hundreds of dollar’s worth of equipment for a single line. And, while we obviously thought it was hilarious, it just did not make sense to others not in on the joke.

Another problem we encountered was one we had anticipated: finding people to star in our film. Originally, there were five characters. Unfortunately, we had to cut that down to four, and half of those characters were played by my friend and I; both of us are directors, writers and masterminds, but we are most certainly not actors. With these setbacks, we ended up short on time, and were forced to film until 3 a.m.

Then came the editing. Now I’m not sure about you, but I have never used a video editing program in my entire life. Everything we learned about the software came from a single twelve-minute video. In the end, our film ended up super choppy and without any background music. The music thing was more of an artistic choice, but ultimately, a bad editing decision on our part.

If you ever get the chance to shoot your own film, I think you should take it. Our film may not have been an award winner, but that is not going to stop me from being proud, and embarrassed, and forcing all my friends to watch every second of it. Check out this beautiful train wreck here!

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Remember That Year: 2007

Hey, remember 2007, feels like it was just yesterday, right? It’s crazy to think that it’s been a decade since “Crank That” by Soulja Boy came out and we were all desperately trying to recreate it in an attempt to be cool. Now, I don’t know about you, but this particular year is placed fondly in my music memories. Think back to who you were ten years ago. What kind of music were you listening to?

It seems like every song that came out of 2007 was a hit, a bop, a banger. Now I don’t use this word lightly, and it is just my opinion, but everything that came from that year was IconicTM. Not convinced? Check out Billboard’s top 100 songs from the year ( ) The list starts with Beyoncé’s “Irreplaceable” in the number one spot, obviously, and ends with “Same Girl” by R. Kelly and Usher.

If the hits aren’t really your cup of tea, or you’re one of those people who just do not like pop music, then maybe you remember this year for the timeless song that is “Fluorescent Adolescent” from Favourite Worst Nightmare, which Arctic Monkeys released in 2007. Maybe, you just really enjoy indie music and that’s cool. If so, check out this list ( ) that has the top albums of the year, putting The Shins at number 40 and The White Stripes at 39.

From my own little memory bank, I have Miley Cyrus going on tour as both herself and her Disney alter ego, Hannah Montana, for the Best of Both Worlds Tour. I personally remember this because my sister, cousins and I all sold our most precious dolls in an attempt to gather enough money to buy tickets. We didn’t of course, tickets to that thing were expensive! Luckily, our parents loved us and took us to see those super cute Jonas Brothers preform with Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus, and I still have that $5 shirt I bought from one of those guys selling fake concert t-shirts on the side of the road.

Looking through all this music has given me an extreme case of the nostalgic blues. Catch me listening to every single “Best of 2007” playlist that I can find!

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