Up-and-Coming Band: LAYNE

Up-and-coming bands need our support. So, if you’re in search of new music, look no further. Layne is an indie-pop duo that deserves your full attention. They have taken their love for music to the next level by creating their own.

The two-member group consists of Layne Putnam and Alexander Rosca.

2017 has been a big year in music for LAYNE. “I Want More” and “Fog” were singles released earlier this year. Following these, an EP titled “Wednesday” was released, which features both singles. My favorite song from the EP is “The Andes.” The song takes you right into that state of mind and makes you feel those raw emotions of love and wanting nothing more than that one person. I love the vibes from the EP. It makes me want to jump in my car late at night and blast it as I drive around…

Music has always played a significant role in Putnam’s life, which I’m sure many of us can relate to. Putnam’s songs are clearly marked by personal experiences. She is a very talented songwriter and their music instantly builds a connection with their listeners.

Putnam is real and open in her music, which should not be overlooked. The lyrics bring you to the state of mind she was in during those moments, and that is a powerful thing. This is rare, because sadly, today, lots of artists are in it for the money rather than the music.

I couldn’t help but think of Stranger Things when she touched on the concept of the “In Between.” I thought of the Upside Down and being trapped between the two dimensions…. ANYWAY, emotions can be a scary part of reality. There’s stereotypes and expectations of how you should behave, when you should or shouldn’t show emotion. Music is a powerful way of capturing those emotions and bringing to life the things we struggle to express.

I know we all have those days when emotions come raining down on you, so next time this happens, listen to Layne and remember you are not alone.

If you want to learn more about Layne’s music, you can find more here.

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Explore Music Beyond the Radio’s Favorites

Do you ever get tired of hearing the same songs playing on the radio? Don’t worry I know we all still sing along no matter how old they get, but what about the millions of songs not played on the radio?

Up-and-coming bands are vital to the music industry and they don’t get nearly enough credit. Some of my absolute favorite bands are underground indie bands.

Now you’re probably wondering, why would I shift from the popular music to listen to music no one has ever heard of?

That’s the exciting part. You can discover these artists before anyone else and watch them grow as individuals and through their music. Music is always changing and evolving as artists grow and have new experiences.

Every artist must start at the bottom and work their way up, so it’s time to start supporting these artists as they do so.

Not only are these up-and-coming bands incredibly talented, but they allows listeners to take the music to another level. You can get to know the person behind the music rather than just focusing on the lyrics you sing along with. The venues of their concerts tend to be small and intimate, such as House of Blues. These bands love feedback and meeting fans before or after their shows. This is how they build a fan base and it allows fans to really get to know the people behind the lyrics.

My all-time favorite band, Young Rising Sons, came to San Diego last year. I wasn’t able to catch their show being under 21, so I was out of luck until the band decided to do a pre-show at a park in San Diego. A small group of fans met up with the band and they performed an acoustic set at the park. We bonded over cute dogs in the park and talked about their future endeavors in the music world. What big-time artist would take the time to make sure all their fans got the chance to see them free of charge?

These moments make the music even more meaningful as you begin to build a connection with the artist. Next time you click on your favorite music streaming service, don’t go straight for the popular artists. Look a little deeper and find a playlist with up-and-coming bands. You may be surprised by the talent you find.




Louis Tomlinson is “Just Like You”

One Direction’s hiatus reached its 18-month mark and Louis Tomlinson hit the world with his third single, “Just Like You.” While we wait for One Direction’s return, the solo projects allow us to enjoy their individual talents.

With no marketing or radio promo, Louis Tomlinson’s second single went straight to number 1 on the worldwide iTunes song chart. It is such a powerful and relatable song, there’s no doubt that it will continue to stay at the top of the charts.

“Just Like You” has a different vibe than the typical songs of One Direction. It’s not about a relationship or pretty girl seen during a night out – it’s the reality of needing real relationships and people to confide in when times are tough.

This song shows how powerful Tomlinson’s vocals can be. His voice was not able to shine in One Direction until the group’s last album. As a solo artist, he is able to get the recognition he truly deserves.

In the song, Tomlinson emphasizes that as a celebrity he goes through all the same struggles and feels the same emotions. These similar struggles range from stress to heartbreak. He is still human; fame does not exclude him from reality.

His time in the public eye has been marked with lots of abuse from paparazzi. It is common for celebrities to be attacked for their simple actions, but Tomlinson could not win with all the headlines targeting him. The lyrics emphasize “you only get half of the story.” The media doesn’t bring all the facts to a story; they focus on the facts that will sell. It is easy to forget that celebrities have a life mu h like our own, even if it is characterized with more money and luxuries.

The lyrics are very transparent, giving Louis’ fans a view into his life. It shows his sincere, down-to-earth character as he blatantly speaks the truth about life in the public eye.

As a solo artist, Tomlinson is able to be true to himself and devote himself to his music.

Annual Deaf Festival Celebrates ASL

Once a year, San Diego brings the Deaf community together to celebrate Unity Day. The Deaf Festival took place on Saturday, Oct. 7 at Jacobs Center for the second year in a row.

Unity Day is a fun, free event for the Deaf and a great way to celebrate 200 years of American Sign Language.  As an individual learning ASL, it is a great way to immerse myself in the culture and practice my signing. It can be intimidating, but the community is welcoming to all ASL skill levels.  This is the perfect place to find comfort and friendship in people who have similar experiences or backgrounds within the Deaf community.

This event serves to bring awareness about opportunities and services for Deaf and hard-of-hearing people. There are lots of different organizations that table, from within the San Diego county and outside.

Along with these opportunities, there were tables selling shirts reading “I love ASL,” and endless trinkets to show love and appreciation for the Deaf community.

There are also activities for people of all ages. There were free caricature drawings, a rock wall and fun workshops to take part in. Well-known groups were brought in for the event, such as Deafinitely Dope, Two Worlds, and Hedy and Heidi.

The crazy warm weather didn’t stop a great turnout for the event. Shaved ice was being sold to keep you cool as you walked among the tables outside.

Inside Jacobs Center was the main stage where Chris Corrigan could be found hosting Unity Day. He was the MC for the event in the previous years and shows sincere passion for the community.

 Deafinitely Dope is a duo who aims to unite the Deaf and hearing communities through music. Mathew Maxey brings the music to life with such vibrant personality in his signing. And, there was a meet and greet opportunity after Deafinitely Dope’s event. Fun Fact: Mathew Maxey is now interpreting for Chance the Rapper! 

Another exciting performance was given by the Israeli dancers Two Worlds. This married couple brings to life a captivating interpretive dance. The husband is Deaf, while his wife is hearing. She learned to sign after meeting him. Together, they make a great team and captivate their audiences through their dancing.

Leaving this event, I realized what an impact it had on me. It is truly captivating to see a community come together and share their beautiful language with one another. While I was not brought up in an environment filled with ASL, it’s a beautiful experience to share little moments with people and show you want to communicate with them. I wish everyone would take the extra step to learn a few signs and communicate with their fellow neighbors and coworkers who are in the Deaf community. That extra step to understand someone makes all the difference in the world.


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