Louis Tomlinson is “Just Like You”

One Direction’s hiatus reached its 18-month mark and Louis Tomlinson hit the world with his third single, “Just Like You.” While we wait for One Direction’s return, the solo projects allow us to enjoy their individual talents.

With no marketing or radio promo, Louis Tomlinson’s second single went straight to number 1 on the worldwide iTunes song chart. It is such a powerful and relatable song, there’s no doubt that it will continue to stay at the top of the charts.

“Just Like You” has a different vibe than the typical songs of One Direction. It’s not about a relationship or pretty girl seen during a night out – it’s the reality of needing real relationships and people to confide in when times are tough.

This song shows how powerful Tomlinson’s vocals can be. His voice was not able to shine in One Direction until the group’s last album. As a solo artist, he is able to get the recognition he truly deserves.

In the song, Tomlinson emphasizes that as a celebrity he goes through all the same struggles and feels the same emotions. These similar struggles range from stress to heartbreak. He is still human; fame does not exclude him from reality.

His time in the public eye has been marked with lots of abuse from paparazzi. It is common for celebrities to be attacked for their simple actions, but Tomlinson could not win with all the headlines targeting him. The lyrics emphasize “you only get half of the story.” The media doesn’t bring all the facts to a story; they focus on the facts that will sell. It is easy to forget that celebrities have a life mu h like our own, even if it is characterized with more money and luxuries.

The lyrics are very transparent, giving Louis’ fans a view into his life. It shows his sincere, down-to-earth character as he blatantly speaks the truth about life in the public eye.

As a solo artist, Tomlinson is able to be true to himself and devote himself to his music.

Kimmi Garcia