Explore Music Beyond the Radio’s Favorites

Do you ever get tired of hearing the same songs playing on the radio? Don’t worry I know we all still sing along no matter how old they get, but what about the millions of songs not played on the radio?

Up-and-coming bands are vital to the music industry and they don’t get nearly enough credit. Some of my absolute favorite bands are underground indie bands.

Now you’re probably wondering, why would I shift from the popular music to listen to music no one has ever heard of?

That’s the exciting part. You can discover these artists before anyone else and watch them grow as individuals and through their music. Music is always changing and evolving as artists grow and have new experiences.

Every artist must start at the bottom and work their way up, so it’s time to start supporting these artists as they do so.

Not only are these up-and-coming bands incredibly talented, but they allows listeners to take the music to another level. You can get to know the person behind the music rather than just focusing on the lyrics you sing along with. The venues of their concerts tend to be small and intimate, such as House of Blues. These bands love feedback and meeting fans before or after their shows. This is how they build a fan base and it allows fans to really get to know the people behind the lyrics.

My all-time favorite band, Young Rising Sons, came to San Diego last year. I wasn’t able to catch their show being under 21, so I was out of luck until the band decided to do a pre-show at a park in San Diego. A small group of fans met up with the band and they performed an acoustic set at the park. We bonded over cute dogs in the park and talked about their future endeavors in the music world. What big-time artist would take the time to make sure all their fans got the chance to see them free of charge?

These moments make the music even more meaningful as you begin to build a connection with the artist. Next time you click on your favorite music streaming service, don’t go straight for the popular artists. Look a little deeper and find a playlist with up-and-coming bands. You may be surprised by the talent you find.




Kimmi Garcia