King Krule Returns with “The OOZ”

King Krule returns from a four year hiatus with a new album, titled “The OOZ.” Krule comes back with his signature sound, yet with a slightly different format as compared to his previous works. His past album and EP followed the traditional record format, meaning every song was a full song. Each one is self contained, yet part of a greater work. “The OOZ” bends that mold slightly, as Krule finds space for more songs with less structure. Now, along with all of the standard tracks, Krule has added additional tracks that contain faint melodies usually with some sort of voice over or talking. Some seem like unnecessary filler, but others are pleasant sounding treats to interlude between the main songs.

The new structure of the album doesn’t necessarily mean a new sound for the King, however. King Krule, Archie Marshall, drowns us in his deep baritone vocals. His signature alternative style is back in full swing, with his whole range of songs. You might have heard of previous records of his. You have the upbeat punk sounds of “Dum Surfer” and “Emergency Blimp,” as well as the slower, jazzier beats of “Logos” and “LA Lune.” Every track stands out in its own way, and brings merit to the album as a whole.

If you liked Krule’s previous records, I think you’ll find this one enjoyable as well. It sounds familiar, yet fresh. While not all tracks are perfect, there is a large enough quantity that I believe anyone would be able to find a few that tickle their fancy. I think that overall it’s a good album, but might not outshine Krule’s debut album, “Six Feet Beneath the Moon.” It’ll take a bit longer than your usual album to finish, but every track on “The OOZ,” has something to offer. I think old fans will like the album, and new ones can get a late introduction into the sound of King Krule. If you haven’t heard him before, I would recommend checking out his first album regardless of your thoughts on this newest record.

Trevor Melanese