Boutique Finds: Misha

My biggest problem when shopping for clothes is that I want something different. I don’t want to always see others wearing the same clothes I have, and I like to put a spin on a popular look.

So, when Misha opened in Puyallup, Washington, it covered all my fashion needs. I stumbled upon the store when I was home for Christmas break in 2015, which happened to be right after they first opened. Malia, the owner, is from Hawaii and probably has the best style I’ve ever seen. She puts together the cutest outfits, and it shows in the clothes that are sold at the boutique.

As said in the biography on Instagram, Misha sells a modern bohemian look. They are known for their reworked band tees, trendy sweaters & jackets, and fun shirts with sayings such as “Support your local girl gang,” printed on them. And, that is exactly what they have done- created a girl gang. The store hypes them up like crazy. You can post pictures of the products you buy in the store with the hashtag #MishaBabe, and it will guarantee you a response and even a share on their page. A problem I sometimes have with buying new clothes is deciding how to style them, and the hashtag helps all the time.

I love going to Misha when I am shopping for a certain event, because they always style me so well. It has hurt my bank account, however, because I cannot seem to stop adding stuff to my check. But, it is always worth it. With Misha I have found the perfect outfits for birthdays, vacations, concerts and dates- accessories and all.

Malia is not only the owner, but she also makes one of my favorite items to buy in the store- outlaw flannels. She reworks the flannels with bleach that makes a cool and unique pattern on every one of the shirts. As said before, I like to put a spin on trendy clothes and this does exactly that. I can button it up and throw on yoga pants for a cozy look. Or, I can layer it with a t-shirt and a vest for a day of errands and coffee. I can even throw it over a dress, or on with a denim skirt, to spunk up a girly look. Every shirt is different, and she brings a ton in to the store each week.

Finding this store might have been the biggest blessing for my closet, and I love being in Washington so I can stop by and let them style me. I never leave the store without a bag in my hand, and the biggest smile on my face. Supporting local businesses in my hometown and small businesses is just another perk to buying here, and I cannot wait to get back to Puyallup to do some shopping! If you are interested in buying from Misha you can either order online or order through Instagram!

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All Camo Everything

Everybody has a signature piece that they wear over and over again and just never get tired of. It’s like that t-shirt your mom could barely get off of you long enough to wash when you were younger.

This week, as I was putting together some outfits, I found my signature piece: my refurbished army jacket. I got it from Misha, my favorite store for when I want any new, unique piece of clothing for my closet. Considering the majority of my closet is black, this jacket goes with every outfit I put together. It is unique from any other camouflage jacket I have because there is beading work on the back that adds a pop of color, and a little flair. Now, there are multiple ways to style this jacket, and many other camo jackets. But, here are a few ways I like to put it together:

  • An On the Go Look: This is perfect for heading to a class on campus, or running weekly errands. It is laid back and easy to put together. You can throw on a pair of boyfriend jeans, a simple tee and a baseball cap and go! To make it look like you put a little more effort in, adding the jacket changes the whole look!









  • Time to go out: When I’m dressed up for something like going out to a party or going to a nice restaurant, I like to dress classy, but also have something to layer with for when it gets chilly. Nights can get cold down here (especially as the fall weather is finally here) but I shouldn’t have to give up my dresses and tank tops. I’ll throw my camo jacket in the car or bring it with me so I always can stay warm, but still look cute. No need to ask for a boyfriend’s jacket when you have this signature piece to keep you cozy!


  • Sassy and cute: Although I like to dress girly, I definitely have my tomboy side. I want to wear sparkles and pink, but I want to do it with a little edge. Getting my Army jacket helped me to do exactly that. My favorite items to pair with my jacket are the pink Converse and jean skirt shown below. I feel like I can look cute, but also give off the tomboy and laid-back vibe I am always going for.

You can pair this jacket with any look and it is going to take your outfit to the next level. Whether you are looking to dress up a casual outfit or make a dressed up outfit more laid back, this jacket has got you covered. It matches with any color, but can also add some color to an all black wardrobe. You can even pair camo jackets with other prints if you are feeling extra bold! If you are looking for a new signature piece, go for an army jacket!


Get Buzzed

Being from the coffee capital of the world, I know my coffee. Working for a coffee company just pushed me over the edge of just a coffee addict, to legitimately sleeping, eating, and breathing coffee. So when I moved down to San Diego, I was shocked that there was only one coffee shop on each street compared to five (I am not even exaggerating). What surprised me even more was the taste of the coffee at these shops- not for me at all! But still, I stayed on the hunt for a good coffee shop that I could go to study, or just stop in when I am craving the perfect iced white mocha Americano.

This school year, my best friend dragged me with her to give Better Buzz a try. Due to its popularity on Instagram, I was worried I wouldn’t like it. Along with being a coffee snob, I fall under the stereotypical Washington hipster that doesn’t like to go to well-known places. But when I walked into this place my hipster self was proved wrong. I had finally found the iced white chocolate Americano I had been searching for since I left Washington, and I was obsessed. Not only was the coffee good, but the shop was adorable. With places to either study, or catch up with a friend, it meets the expectations of an avid coffee drinker.

Better Buzz has three locations in San Diego but my personal favorite is the store in Point Loma. It might be twenty minutes away from my apartment, but I still make the drive at least three times a week. My friends may think I am crazy, especially because I work at a coffee store, but the commute and money spent is worth it. If you are like me and can’t seem to be productive at the library, you can stay as long as you want. Even their food is delicious! Coffee shops in Seattle can’t pull off having good coffee and good food all in one stop.

What I am saying is go to this place. Even in the ninety degree weather, Better Buzz makes me feel right at home with the choice of music, the awesome customer service, and most importantly- the perfect cup of Joe. With a San Diego spin on a Washington entity, you will probably find me here in every free moment I have.

The 5 Items You Need in Your Closet for Fall

Happy fall, friends! Although the San Diego weather is telling us it’s still summer, fall is definitely here and I am excited! I am a summer girl all the way, but being from the beautiful Pacific Northwest, I love the change in seasons. Time for a fresh start and cozy nights with a warm drink and a movie. It might be sunny and 75, but if I keep doing my rain dance long enough, the clouds will come in and the weather will drop below 70, meaning it’s time for a switch from shorts and tank tops to jeans and long sleeves. After spending years in the Evergreen State, I have come up with the five essentials of fall fashion that will get you through this transition from warm to cool and crisp! Grab an apple cider and get comfy for this fall fashion guide, coming your way:

  1. Flannels- You have to find the biggest, coziest flannels to wear to keep you warm on those gloomy mornings. They are perfect for adding a little color to an outfit, but are also comfortable and warm. No need for a puffy jacket when you can layer these with vests and scarves. I personally buy mine from the men’s section at Costco because of the great price, and let’s be honest, men’s clothes are always better. I also stock up on reworked flannels from a boutique in my hometown, Puyallup, called Misha. They are sold online and are the perfect way to add flare to an outfit.

  2. Beanies- With late night studying for midterms, the Santa Anna winds coming in and the weather making my hair go crazy, beanies are the go to for fall! They can cover up a bad hair day while making you look ready to head to the pumpkin patch. After spending years in chilly Washington, I have tried out my fair share of beanies and have found what I think are the best and cutest. Love Your Melon is a hat company that gives one beanie to a child with cancer for every beanie that you buy. Not only does the money you spend go to a great cause, but the hats are adorable and keep you warm in any type of weather. I could seriously buy one in every color!

The Love Your Melon hats will keep you cozy and cute all fall and winter

  1. Booties- It’s time to turn in the sandals for boots! The perfect pair of boots can make any outfit perfect. You can wear them with dresses, jeans and even over a pair of leggings. I love finding a shoe that is both comfortable and cute, so my go to booties are ankle booties from Hush Puppies. Whether you go for knee high boots, rain boots or a pair of ankle boots, you are sure to rock any outfit.

  2. Patagonia- I quickly learned this past summer that it was time to get rid of the high school sweatshirts I had stacked in my closet and buy something a little more mature. Patagonia jackets (and anything else from their brand) is automatically going to be my favorite piece of clothing. They are perfect to keep you warm on a fall hike or even keep warm at an evening football game. With the warmth and comfort of a sweatshirt, minus the high school logos and frumpy feeling of a sweatshirt, they will have you ready for any fall event.

    Patagonia jackets are perfect for anything: a trip to the pumpkin patch or a trip to the mountains

  3. Woolies- Socks are a simple and quick way to add a little bit of color and flair to any outfit. They are perfect to wear when you get cold easily without having to completely bundle up. I buy my packs from REI and Costco, because both places sell all kinds of colors and prints. If you aren’t quite ready to turn in the sandals yet, you can even wear them with your Birkenstocks for those gloomy mornings while you wait for the clouds to burn off. If I am not wearing them with my Birks, I am pairing them with some high top vans and a camo jacket.


So there it is, it doesn’t have to be a major change to your wardrobe to get ready for fall and you don’t have to break the bank! Fall is for football games, pumpkin patches and cozy coffee shops, and why can’t we look cute while doing it? Now that we know what to wear, bring on the clouds and cold weather!

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