Everybody has a signature piece that they wear over and over again and just never get tired of. It’s like that t-shirt your mom could barely get off of you long enough to wash when you were younger.

This week, as I was putting together some outfits, I found my signature piece: my refurbished army jacket. I got it from Misha, my favorite store for when I want any new, unique piece of clothing for my closet. Considering the majority of my closet is black, this jacket goes with every outfit I put together. It is unique from any other camouflage jacket I have because there is beading work on the back that adds a pop of color, and a little flair. Now, there are multiple ways to style this jacket, and many other camo jackets. But, here are a few ways I like to put it together:

  • An On the Go Look: This is perfect for heading to a class on campus, or running weekly errands. It is laid back and easy to put together. You can throw on a pair of boyfriend jeans, a simple tee and a baseball cap and go! To make it look like you put a little more effort in, adding the jacket changes the whole look!









  • Time to go out: When I’m dressed up for something like going out to a party or going to a nice restaurant, I like to dress classy, but also have something to layer with for when it gets chilly. Nights can get cold down here (especially as the fall weather is finally here) but I shouldn’t have to give up my dresses and tank tops. I’ll throw my camo jacket in the car or bring it with me so I always can stay warm, but still look cute. No need to ask for a boyfriend’s jacket when you have this signature piece to keep you cozy!


  • Sassy and cute: Although I like to dress girly, I definitely have my tomboy side. I want to wear sparkles and pink, but I want to do it with a little edge. Getting my Army jacket helped me to do exactly that. My favorite items to pair with my jacket are the pink Converse and jean skirt shown below. I feel like I can look cute, but also give off the tomboy and laid-back vibe I am always going for.

You can pair this jacket with any look and it is going to take your outfit to the next level. Whether you are looking to dress up a casual outfit or make a dressed up outfit more laid back, this jacket has got you covered. It matches with any color, but can also add some color to an all black wardrobe. You can even pair camo jackets with other prints if you are feeling extra bold! If you are looking for a new signature piece, go for an army jacket!