This week on Jess tries to be a fashion blogger: I chase after cuties trying to grab some grub at the Farmer’s Market. After washing down my Takoyaki with some thai tea, I adjusted my obnoxiously pink checkered glasses frames and whispered “sic ’em”.  If you heard the rubber soles of Docs squeaking against concrete near Hepner, that was me. Take a gander at these cuties as they struggled to answer the “fashion-centered” questions that fell out of my silver stained lips as I tried to keep my cool. But how could one keep cool in Sunny San Diego, am I right? 🙂

Trisha Tolentino - aka an angel sent from above
Trisha Tolentino – aka an angel sent from above

Why go to the beach to grab some sun when you’ve got sunshine packed into the gorgeous computer engineering major that is Trisha Tolentino? You may be wondering, did this angel snag her threads from the heavens? Close! She thrifted all these beauties, those rad high waisted denim jeans included. Moms and American Apparel fanatics alike are drooling at the perfect fit, showing off what Mother Nature gave her.

Easter - "like the Sunday?"
Easter – “like the Sunday?”

Being someone so flamboyantly clad the majority of my existence, the appreciation of black is a biggie for me. I was this mess of pinks, blues, and yellows yelling “hey hi yeah you hi” and waving my notebook to grab attention. If that wasn’t enough, when I asked for a name and got “Easter” I replied “like the Sunday?”. My overly zealous parent aesthetic is raging.

Easter does the majority of her shopping online, which is mega rad. Hurrah to convenience and practicality. From UNIF to NastyGal to the grandfather of online shopping: Ebay, this gal is scorin’ some steals.

Harry - Doc advocate
Harry – Doc Marten advocate

My questionable vision spotted that sweater from a mile away and by a mile I mean several feet away in line at J. Wok. Sorry to have disrupted your food buying vibes, dude, but with a sweater like that I’m surprised you’re not swarmed on the daily. Another thrifted look, another look you’ll never be able to completely replicate. Sorry kids. But take this as a sort of cool kid template. Wanna look cool af? Take a gander at Harry.

precious little flower
Sonia – precious little flower

 This is comfy done SO so right. Lose the yoga pants, SDSU hoodies, and free runs and learn a thing or two from this Boho babe. Comfortable doesn’t have to look like just rolled out of bed. That sheer white dress is a work of art on her, paralleling one of the countless famous marble statues of the fine art world. The yellow flowers in the flower crown adorning her head accent the look perfectly and symbolize the royalty we all know she is.

Yuuki - tall kid with a tall heart
Yuuki – tall kid with a tall heart

Sporting a sweater that says “this is what the greatest outdoorsman looks like”, who wouldn’t want to be this kid’s friend? Every inch of this fit has a story worth telling and my ears are listening. I fawned over the multi-textured, multi-colored shoes that he scored at the outlet. Patterns never clash is the motto and these shoes are the complete embodiment of it. This kid ain’t hittin’ the gym but is most def hittin’ the streets lookin’ fab af with that gym bag. Exercise your right to bein’ the coolest cat on Campanile.

Give these grade A cuties a round of applause for kickin hams at lookin rad! I mean, they looked so stellar I took time to set down my thai tea and go up to them. They are the planets and we are all mere moons. You could almost say I gravitated towards them *cue generic laugh track*.

I hope I didn’t scare any of you too much when I nervously ran up to you with literally no questions prepped. Just a lot of “you’re so cute”s and “I really dig that”s. This blog is almost like my excuse to finally go up to and appreciate the cuties I pass on the daily. Appreciation of an outfit is essential to the cool cutie community, it’s the chill thing to do. The SDSU population is a blur of frat boys and longboarders, so when ya see someone who peaks your interest, dude go for it.