Usually the name Madeintyo would not be considered as a rapper’s name but times have changed. Madeintyo has been on the come up with his latest hit “Uber Everywhere” that makes taking an Uber feel like a luxury.  The song has been making such a buzz that Hip Hop artists like Travis Scott and Tory Lanez have even remixed it with their style and their persona. Now the question is, who is Madeintyo?  Although there is not that much information out about him, we know from sources that he was born in Tokyo, Japan. This can possibly explain where his rap name comes from.  He was born and raised in Japan for some time being, but in the States, he resides in Atlanta, Georgia. We also know that his family is involved in the music. Royce Rizzy, who is said to be his brother, is the reason why they have their own record label known as “Private Club Records”. For a rapper who is new to the scene, he has a lot of potential. Listen to his music once and you will find yourself reciting his lyrics. Don’t believe me? Take a listen below!