New Album: The Off-Season J.Cole

North Carolina rapper, J.Cole is back with his new album The Off-Season and we couldn’t be more excited.

On Friday, May 14, Cole released his latest album “The Off-Season” following his 2018 album “KOD”. “The Off-Season” comes with 12 songs including his previously released “Interlude” and includes features from Cam’Ron, Lil Jon, Lil Baby, Morray, Damian Lillard, 6lack, Bas, Diddy, and James Fauntleroy.

Photo Credit: J.Cole on Instagram

J.Cole first announcement came on May 4 via his Instagram and Twitter that “My new album The Off-Season available 5/14. Just know this was years in the making.” The artists shared in the caption for this artwork of the album; which includes the artist standing in front of a burning basketball hoop. 

In 2020, J.Cole released tracks “The Climb Back” and “Lion King on Ice” At the time, he shared the two tracks would appear on his next album, then titled “The Fall Off”. We see “The Climb Back” on “The Off-Season” but not “Lion King on Ice” so could another album be in the works?

Prior to releasing “The Climb Back” and “Lion King on Ice”, J.Cole released “Snow on the Bluff”, which dropped in the middle of last summer, uprising against police brutality and systemic racism. The song appeared to be a diss track aimed at Chicago rapper Noname, who in turn responded with a track named “Song 33” which she admitted later she was not proud of releasing, and Cole walked back his criticisms of noname. 

You can stream the new album “The Off-Season” by J.Cole now on music streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music now.

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Written By: Mike Stark | @MikeStarkCA

New Album: Fearless (Taylor’s Version) – Taylor Swift

Swifties, are you sitting down? Good, now make sure your breathing.

Taylor Swift’s first recorded album has dropped, and I couldn’t be more excited.

The 31-year-old singer-songwriter dropped a rerecorded version of her second studio album, Fearless. The re-recorded version is titled “Fearless (Taylor’s Version)”.

Photo Credit: Screenshot of Tweet from @taylorswift13

The re-release is swift keeping her word to re-record her music before the “Lover” album. In the event, you’re not up-to-date on the Scooter Braun-Taylor Swift battle here’s the low down.

Scooter Braun purchased her masters which ignited a heated public battle between Braun and Swift over music ownership. And, swift made the announcement she would rerecord her first six studio albums, to call them her own.

She shared on Good Morning America “I just think that artists deserve to own their work, I just feel very passionately about that.”

Swift re-recorded “Fearless (Taylor’s Version) in late 2020, the first re-recording released.

Photo Credit: Taylor Swift on Instagram

The new release provides fans 27 tracks and includes incredible talent like Keith Urban and Maren Morris: All the songs from the original and platinum of “Fearless”, six unreleased songs, and a bonus track.

Photo Credit: Screenshot of Taylor Swift Tracklisting for “Fearless Taylor’s Version” on Twitter

You can stream Fearless (Taylor’s Version) right now on platforms like Spotify or Apple Music.

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Cover Photo: Beth Garrabrant

Written By: Mike Stark | @MikeStarkCA

New Album: Justice – Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber does it again! A year after dropping his album “Changes” Bieber is back with his latest album “Justice”.

On Friday, March 19, 2021, the 27-year-old singer released his sixth studio album, “Justice”. Not only did we get a new album but a music video for the song peaches featuring Giveon and Daniel Caesar.

The trio in the video are cruising down in a car a night singing above love, which is on-brand on Justin Bieber and I’m not mad at it. 

The album has 12 tracks from the singer along with previously released singles “Anyone”, “Holy” feat Chance the Rapper, “Lonely” with Benny Blanco, and “Hold On”. Features on the album include Khalid, The Kid LAROI, Dominic Fike, Daniel Caesar, Giveon, BEAM, and Burna Boy.

Photo Credit: Screenshot from Peaches by Justin Bieber Music Video on YouTube.

Thursday, March 18, 2021, prior to the release the pop singer tweeted that he would “support organizations that embody what justice looks like in action,”

Organizations include The Martin Luther King. Jr. Center educates nonviolence and creates a beloved community.

The Poor People’s Campaign which is “Building a movement to overcome systemic racism, poverty, ecological devastation, and the war economy.”

Photo Credit: Screenshot of Support Organizations Tweet from @JustinBieber

Towards the end of February, Bieber shared in a post on Instagram the reason behind the album. “In a time when there’s so much wrong with this broken planet we all crave healing and justice for humanity.” He continued “In creating this album my goal is to make music that will provide comfort, to make songs that people can relate to and connect to so they feel less alone.”

Justin hit the mark on this one. I felt that connection with a list of his songs throughout the album. Some of my favorites include Unstable, Hold On, Ghost, and Peaches. You can stream Justin’s new album “Justice” now on music streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music.

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Cover Photo: Screenshot of Album Cover of Justin Bieber “Justice” from Spotify. 

Written By: Mike Stark | @MikeStarkCA

New Music: Aly & AJ Return with Pretty Places

Aly & AJ are back and heading down a new path with new music and a new sound with “Pretty Places”

On Tuesday, March 9, 2021, the sisters Aly, 31, and AJ Michalka, 29 announced the released date of their latest project, “a touch of the beat gets you up on your feet gets you out and then into the sun” is scheduled to drop on May 7. This makes it the first time in 14 years since the sisters released an album.

For those who don’t know, Aly and AJ grew up in the Disney universe. Between 2005 and 2007, they released three albums, Into the Rush, Acoustic Hearts of Winter, and Insomniatic, which has their smash hit “Potential Breakup Song” which became a TikTok hit in 2020, talk about a blast from the past.

Photo Credit:
Photo Credit: Screenshot of Instagram Post of new album announcement from @alyandaj on Instagram

The sisters are back though in 2021 with new music. On January 15, we were rewarded with “Listen!!!” to kick off the new year and most recently on Friday, March 5 with “Pretty Places”

“Pretty Places” (predicting song of the summer) I love and if this is a preview of what is to come with the new album I am excited. “Pretty Places” is the perfect song to roll down your windows as your driving along the coast, with your ray bands on, and radio full blast on a Saturday afternoon. The music video definitely compliments the song with a coastal indie vibe, which I am here for. 

Photo Credit: In2une Music

While this song along with “Listen!!!” is not the sound your use to with “Potential Break Up Song” or “Rush” it is a new type of sound that I love. Music is evolving and it is important for the artist the evolve with the music too that is exactly what Aly and AJ are doing.

Photo Credit: Michelle Laine

My favorite line “I’ll go anywhere / Let’s go right now / Go anywhere /doesn’t matter how far…” I relate to this line more than ever. After being in quarantine for a year due to the pandemic, this song gets me pumped to get out and explore again. I am ready for an adventure. 
You can stream “Pretty Places” right now on streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music, and watch the Music Video for Pretty Places on YouTube. Be sure to check out their new album when it drops on May 7.

Cover Photo: In2une