Has DC done it?

Has DC FINALLY got the movie that will save their franchise?

Just a couple days ago, the studio finally released the full length trailer for the stand alone movie for our wondrous heroine, with the release date of June 2nd, 2017. As if her first appearance in Batman vs. Superman didn’t get the audiences alike hyped enough, now her trailers finally have the fans rejoicing.

From the introduction of possible antagonists and baddies, to our love interest played by Chris Pine, the trailer doesn’t fail to highlight Gal Gadot in action as our Amazonian warrior.

Wonder Woman (2017) Chris Pine and Gal Gadot

(Source: Entertainment Weekly)

We not only see her beautiful homeland, but her many Amazonian sisters and the assembly of her famous suit. As well as a mysterious woman, with what seems to be like a doll-like mask on her face. Many have speculated her to be Dr. Poison, a villain seen in the comic books as a man (now portrayed by Elena Anaya) who has vast knowledge of various and deadly poisons.


(Source: DC Studios via themovieblog.com)

So back to the question at hand: is this enough to help raise DC from the ashes that was Batman vs. Superman?

Even die hard Marvel fans have to give DC their props, as the recent Doctor Strange trailers and clips haven’t nearly conjured the amount of support and hype that Wonder Woman did in her full length trailer. And that’s with the premiere of Doctor Strange on November 4th, and with reviews that are fairly decent and even claim that the movie will do well!

But because of all the controversy and bad press this movie has gotten throughout the lead up of its premiere, it looks like fans may be giving this Marvel movie a hard pass. (Not this gal though, you can expect to see me in the theaters regardless.) On top of this, it doesn’t help that Marvel has had very little success in the recent portrayals of female protagonists on the big screen, with their small screen heroines being their lone exception. (i.e. Jessica Jones)

So it’s fair to say, that DC has a considerably clean slate, in that aspect. Not only will they be the first to have a female lead in her own stand alone movie, but it also is a chance to gain back those fans they may have lost in their recent movies. In my opinion, as I love both franchises, I think DC NEEDS Wonder Woman to go well. This movie may very well be their saving grace if all goes well, or the last nail in their coffin if they fail.

But what do you think? Does DC finally have the upper hand on Marvel? Will Wonder Woman save the day, or will DC let us down once more? Let us know!

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(Header Picture: Source – DC Studios via mercwithamovieblog.com)


Remember when things were easier, and the only thing we honestly ever “feared” would be something like a zombie apocalypse? When buying zombie-readiness kits, and creating zombie shelters was among the craziest things that people would actually be doing in society?

Who would have thought, that in 2016, we’ve managed to top the zombie hype…and replace it with clowns. Creepy clowns, for that matter. Not the ones that you see in circus tents or fairs, but the ones that we all see in that occasional, absurd nightmare we have time and time again. (Thanks again, American Horror Story, for endless Twisty nightmares.)

Within the month, there have been over two dozen states that have actual sightings and reports on creepy clowns throughout the nation. Although most have been harmless, there have been video evidence going viral of clowns chasing after people with knives, machetes, guns, etc.

Some people have even speculated that this all may be a possible hoax for the newest reboot of Stephen’s King, It.

Source: file_749921_ITCohen2.jpg (960×1440)

The reboot is scheduled for September 8th, 2017, and to be directed by Andy Muschetti. Muschetti is also known for directing another horror film, Mama. And here’s HIS version, of what the clown, Pennywise, will be appearing as.

Source: (Photo: Warner Bros., Entertainment Weekly)

Now, imagine seeing that, or a variation of a creepy clown in your hometown. Most reports have shown that these creepy characters have often been spotted nearby train tracks, in the woods, parks, etc. Most being at night as well, and in places where clowns typically don’t belong. Thankfully, though, there have been no reports of clown news worse than a bit of mass hysteria. No known deaths, kidnappings, or anything of that sort have been reported as of now. And in some cases, when clowns are spotted by others or by local law enforcement, they usually run off.

However, Stephen King himself had something to say to all this clown madness on Twitter:


And there you have it. The creator of the original creepy clown himself, has publicly asked everyone to stop clowning around. Which ultimately seems to discern this whole clown situation to be unrelated to the reboot of King’s creepy franchise.

Although sightings have continued to grow over the past week or so, let’s hope that with this PSA and awareness going around, these clowns will finally cut the act.

But what do you think? Will these creepy clowns finally close the curtains and call it a night? Or will they continue to terrorize and play in the streets during this appropriately spooky time of the year? (That being said, everyone please be extra careful during Halloween this year. And don’t dress like a clown.)

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Update***: To all SDSU students, this was passed onto me for all you to see.

14599873_10207542059245625_1698808712_o (1)

Apparently a creepy clown of our very own has made it’s way to our campus. Rumor has it, he’s been spotted nearby Viejas. So those of you in the area, please walk in pairs, and be aware of your surroundings at all times. And if you still feel unsafe, please call the SDSU Police Department’s Safety Escort Program at 619-594-6659. Stay safe, everyone!