An Interview With Sword II

Photo by Andrew Lyman (@andrewlymanworld on Instagram) On their way to Knoxville, Tennessee while on tour, Sword II and I shared a conversation over the phone about their roots, their songwriting process, and what’s next. Sword II is an up and coming band from Atlanta that is making music like you have never heard. Their […]

An Interview with Computerwife

Image Source: Danger Collective Records Introductions can be hard, as Addie, the face behind the musical project “Computerwife”, admitted in our interview where we peeled back the layers of her artistic journey, her musical roots, and how she landed with her musical moniker of “Computerwife”. Can you introduce yourself? That’s always one of the hard […]

An Interview With Levi Evans

The son of U2’s The Edge, Levi Evans, logs onto his computer while sitting in the comfort of his home in Los Angeles, California. Just wrapping up his month-long tour as one of the opening acts for Little Image’s Self Titled tour, he’s taking all of October to enjoy the luxuries that come with being […]