Photo by WILD PARTY on January 31, 2024. May be an image of 5 people, turnstile, concert and text that says 'Marshalie WILD WILPN BRTY'.

Image by @wldprty on Instagram

On March 11, 2024, I had the pleasure of speaking with Lincoln from indie band Wild Party. We talked about a variety of subjects ranging from favorite deceased bands to how social media and streaming have affected the music world.

The first question I had to ask about was the name Wild Party.

Lincoln explained that this stemmed from the idea that they imagined that the kind of music they played would be the kind of music that would be blasted on speakers at parties, a statement I have come to agree with. He also remarked how the music they play is wild. Wild Party is known to explore a variety of different genres and styles of music which also led to this idea of the band name “Wild Party”.

The origin story of the band is enough to warm anyone’s heart.

Originally Wild Party was started by Lincoln and Luke. Lincoln and Luke meet in 7th grade on the football field. He remarked how their first songs were made in Senior year in their bedrooms. He commented that sometimes when they are making music he still feels like he’s is back in his senior year with his friend.

At the time of this interview, Wild Party was coming out with a single that was just days away. When I asked Lincoln about the song “Hatchet” he spoke on how it was meant to speak on social media and technology.

Lincoln spoke on how distracting technology can be and how the expectations we often have from social media can be very harmful. Lincoln began to speak more about social media; he explained how, in his opinion, social media has allowed more artists to be discovered but it comes at a cost, as nowadays artists make less money due to streaming. We discussed how this has led to a growth in the number of artists worldwide, but a decline in depth within the music being released.

One of the most profound statements I received from Lincoln was when I asked him what the greatest lesson he got from being in music was.

Lincoln took a deep breath before answering a single word: patience. He explained how he has learned to enjoy each moment more through music. Their recent return to music may have taken awhile, but they have felt a warm welcome back as they have begun touring again. To wrap things up, he discussed how much Wild Party connects with its fans. Lincoln explained about how spectacular it has felt to hear about fans that had been waiting for them to return to music. He expanded by saying that he felt Wild Party had a whole community behind it, something that I strongly agree with him about.

Overall Lincoln was a pleasure to talk to and I wish him all the best in his career in music. The general vibe I received from Lincoln was a very kind and warm man who had an amazing talent he wanted to share with the world.