On March 14th Pearl & The Oysters kicked off their first headlining tour here in San Diego at The Voodoo Room in the House of Blues. The group consists of a French American duo of Juliette Pearl Davis and Joachim Polack. The two met in high school in Paris and immediately bonded over their love of music such as 70’s yacht rock, 50’s pop, 90’s space age and other genres. They moved across the Atlantic in 2015 to live together and have been releasing music since 2017.

Their Debut self-titled ep, ‘Pearl & the Oysters’ released in 2017, since they have released three
albums altogether. Some of their most popular songs have been Vitamin D,” “Mercury Comet
Caliente,” and “Canned Music”. A fourth album is on the horizon as their next EP, “Coast 2
Coast,” will be released on April 21, 2023 on Stones Throw Records. Several singles to promote
the album have been released including the scenic but slow groove of “Pariso,” the sweet
sounding “Pacific Ave” and the hypnotic gazing “Konami” track.

I arrived early at 6:00 before the doors opened at 7:00. Once I killed time and was finally in the
venue, I suddenly felt starstruck when the duo had walked in and forgot I had a job to do
covering the show. Quickly gathering myself back together, I introduced myself, and asked for a
picture to which they were so kind to do for me.

As more people came in and the venue began to fill up, the opening band, Tunewave, started
the show at 8:00. Being a local band, Tunewave is a group of University of San Diego students
and friends based in San Diego. They released their first album,“Self-Reflections,” in 2021 and
their ep “Molecules in Motion” is their most recent release back in January of this year. The title
track of which is their most popular song thus far.

Tunewave performs their set at The Voodoo Room. (Corinne Davidson)

They quickly got to playing after introducing themselves, getting the crowd into the swing of
things, and got everyone’s attention. With an electric saxophone, and impressive instrumental
piano breaks, they surprised me with their playing, showing they aren’t just another local band
with your typical covers and alt rock sound but with some depth. Of the songs they performed,
some of note were their aforementioned, “Molecules in Motion,”echo sounding “Gut
reaction”and my favorite of what they performed, “Better Now.”

I caught up with the lead singer of the band, Nick Brumbach, after the show and got the idea the
band are just a bunch of friends hoping to make it and attract new fans as they continue playing,
and opening for Pearl & the Oysters could do just that by their show. Passing band stickers after
the set by following their spotify or instagram definitely helps too. They’ll be performing again
soon Saturday, April 15th, at Soda Bar.

Nick Brumbach sings and plays piano during the Tunewave set. (Corinne Davidson)

After Tunewave’s set was over, the crowd drew closer and gathered around the stage, as all of
us grew in excitement for Pearl & the Oysters to finally come out. Time felt like an eternity, I was
checking my phone only to come to the realization that the service was abhorred so there was
nothing else to do but simply wait and hope 9:00 drew near.

My personal experience listening and being a fan of the band is fairly new, becoming an avid
listener last summer. I found out about them through their record label, feeltrip records. Artists I
listen to such as Paul Cherry, Jerry Paper, and Mild High Club fall under a circle of people
where they and the Oysters come to know each other and so on. I was instantly hooked on the
clear inspiration from 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s music as well as the creative effects and vocals
highlighted in their tracks. I was quite interested in how they’d translate it onto stage.

Lead singer Juliette Pearl Davis draws the crowd in with her vocals. (Corinne Davidson)

As the hour finally came, so did the band and Pearl & the Oysters, the band was welcomed by
applause and cheers from the crowd. They started off with a bang playing a fan favorite,
“Vitamin D”. With head bops and woos galore, they got the crowd going with their signature
vocals and style. The sudden atmosphere of the stage and crowd changed and suddenly you
saw fans of all ages go up front and dig the sound of the dream sound band. I looked to my right
and was taken back by the fact there was a man who looked to be either in his 40’s or 50’s
enjoying the music as much as I was. Pearl & the Oysters is truly a universal band.

Juliette Pearl Davis performs with emotion and grace. (Corinne Davidson)

Continuing on the set, they played several of the singles off their upcoming album including:
“Pariso” and “Pacific Ave”. With “Paiso” it sounded like the studio release, with a calm tone and
sound thank made you feel as though you were in paradise. They also played an unreleased
song from their upcoming album, that caught my ears, and will be one I’ll be looking forward to.
As the set went on, they featured a song where the pair shared vocals. That song is “Soft
Science” another favorite of mine that is reminiscent of an early 1960’s love song like “Hey

Juliette Pearl Davis performs a flute solo. (Corinne Davidson)

Lead singer Davis, would lead into their song “Treasure Island” saying as we have beaches
here in San Diego,” this one is about a favorite beach of theirs in Florida.” The song takes us
there as their signature effects, and lyrics of a special glow of the ocean and water, it’s like i’m
there right now. The band’s variety of featuring flute solos or sounds that seem like they’re from
an Atari video game, make you feel in another world and you don’t wanna leave.

As for me, I didn’t leave for some time after the show had ended, and after buying two vinyl
copies of their albums, I was fortunate enough to ask a few questions to the duo afterwards.

What were some of the influences into your new album Coast 2 Coast?

Pearl & the Oysters: 70’s Soft rock, Japanese City pop, Yacht rock. Then like Brazilian records
from maybe a little earlier like the mid 70’s.

What was the inspiration behind the group name?

Pearl & the Oysters: Well my middle name is Pearl, and it was the name of my Great
Grandmother and my mom is a random band name generator, just ask her and she’ll find cool
names and way before we had the band, she told me ‘oh if you had like a band one day you
should like call it Pearl & the Oysters and so the band name came before the band.

How long have you been a band?

Pearl & the Oysters: 2017, that was the first show that we did. It’s started like over five years
now, five, six years.

What’s it like being able to have your first headline tour?

Pearl & the Oysters: It’s been amazing. We’ve been touring America for a long time. This is
definitely a big change for us. We started from nothing in Florida a few years ago and when we
moved to L.A there was the pandemic and it just feels like it’s growing organically very slowly
but we wouldn’t change anything. Slow and steady.

I had a wonderful time being able to both see Tunewave and Pearl & the Oysters. Not only
being able to see Pearl & the Oysters live, but to take a picture with them and be able to spare a
few mins to let a freshman college student ask a few questions before they pack up meant a lot,
and I’m excited for their new album soon, and what’s in store for the soft psychedelic band in
the near future.

Kickin’ The Night Off Vista-Style With Vista Kicks

Last Friday, February 10th, I had the pleasure of seeing Vista Kicks open for Southern sister-act Larkin Poe in one of their last shows ever as a band. Hailing from the small town of Roseville, Vista Kicks brings a tangy flavor to indie rock, and the contrast between their California melodies and Larkin Poe’s Southern charm blended perfectly for a great performance at the House of Blues.

Vista Kicks came out with their first EP Chasing Waves in 2016, and have since released three studio albums, their most popular being Twenty Something Nightmare, released in 2018. They have also produced a range of dynamic singles like “If I Didn’t Have You” and “Make It Real.” At the end of this month Vista Kicks is projected to release their final studio album with Hail Maries, All Hail Vista Maries. Hail Maries recently joined Vista Kicks on tour during the COVID-19 pandemic, and it was definitely the right choice. The two bands together have put their own spin on modern rock by combining elements of blues and soul to refine their sound and make it unique.

Vista Kicks by Sofia Dell’Aquila

Vista Kicks took the stage at 8:00 with an explosion of romantic lyrics and structured basslines. With smiles on their faces, they performed hits like “Mona Lisa” and “Superstitions” that got people of all ages dancing. Despite being the opening act, loyal fans littered the crowd and cheered on every word, and lead singer Derek Thomas frequently called out to see who was a true V.K. fan. All eyes were on tambourine chanteuse Victoria Wymer of Hail Maries, who provided grounding vocal harmony along with her sister Makayla on guitar. Their presence on stage gave the band a 70s-esque rock n’ roll energy, reminiscent of that of pioneering psychedelic groups like the Peanut Butter Conspiracy.

Though they had a short opening set, Vista Kicks surely left a lasting impression to all in the crowd. To celebrate the upcoming release of their new album, Vista Kicks gave fans a sneak peek into what they’d be hearing by playing a new song titled “Better.” At the end of the night, they held a poll for the audience, giving them the choice between two of their most popular hits: “Twenty Something Nightmare” or “Marceline.” Diehard fans of the band roared for both, but “Marceline” prevailed, and the band jumped right in with excitement.

Vista Kicks’ final show is scheduled for February 18th in Los Angeles, though fans remain hopeful that they will make a return to the music industry in the future. It’s a shame that their run as a band is coming to an end, but their music will continue to be appreciated by fans and new listeners alike. 

The Wrecks Concert Review

On November 17, American Pop Rock Band The Wrecks came to San Diego’s House of Blues on Thursday to perform one of their last remaining shows for their long awaited tour, “Back and Better Than Ever”. With Indie Pop band Arlie opening with an amazing set, featuring hit songs, “didya think” and “big fat mouth,” the crowd was immersed and ready to hear more from the energetic band. Arlie frontman Nathaniel Banks delivered incredible vocals while his bandmates danced and elevated the crowd with their contagious energy.

There were groups of dedicated Arlie fans scattered in the crowd screaming along to the lyrics of their songs. Those who didn’t quite know the songs were still bobbing their heads along to the music. Banks even brought out a saxophone in which he performed a chilling yet immersive solo throughout the song “crashing down”. I had never heard Arlie before the show and my favorite song from their set ended up being “water damage” off of their EP “Wait”. I was thoroughly impressed with everything about this band and their attitudes. They are definitely worth a listen. 

Carrying the same attitudes to amp up the crowd, The Wrecks opened their set right off the bat with “Out Of Style”. While drummer Billy Nally electrified the crowd smashing on the drums, singer Nick Anderson jumped around stage while giving his all with his voice. Everyone was smiling and having a good time, band and audience.

Immediately starting off the set with their popular and earliest songs, “Panic Vertigo” and “James Dean,” it allowed the crowd to quickly connect with the band as everyone knew the words. Performing songs off of their most recent album “Sonder,” The Wrecks brought their pop roots to life.

Although the songs on their new album are a little bit softer than the ones off of their debut album “Infinitely Ordinary”, the music doesn’t fall far behind their staple rock sound. At one point, the band grabbed props and costume decor from voluntary fans and performed while looking festive, and what a sight it was to see. Nick Anderson interacts with the crowd so well and it is easy to tell that the band appreciates their fans. I loved the show and hope to see them again in the future with new music.

Concert Review by Anastasia Balmaceda

Logan Mize at the House Of Blues

Sold Out Saturday Night: Logan Mize rocks the House of Blues Voodoo Room on February 8th, 2020.

I’ll say it, I’m a sucker for country concerts. Maybe it’s the plethora of attractive southern looking men in flannels or the music that reminds me of summer. Regardless, I love to support up and coming artists and when given the opportunity to attend a concert you bet I’ll be front row.

I Aint Gotta Grow Up Tour

This was my first trip to The House of Blues and I was not disappointed. The ambiance, the location, and the acoustics all made this concert such an enjoyable experience. The show took place in the Voodoo Room which was a smaller room located inside the HOB. The size of the room seemed to make this concert seem intimate and personal, which enhanced the experience. With doors opening at seven and the concert beginning at 8:30 you got to know the people standing around you and encouraged socialization.

San Diego Local Stephen Ray opens the show

The opening act Stephen Ray is a San Diego local, and country music artist who has opened for some of the biggest names in country. Names such as Chris Janson, Parmalee, and Cody Johnson. He frequents venues like Tin Roof, and Moonshine Beach so you are likely to run into him preforming at some point if you frequent bars that have live music! Stephen started the show by playing some originals like his most recent single “New Plus One” and by covering John Denver’s “Country Roads” which definitely the crowd singing.

Up Next for Stephen…

I ran into Stephen and his lovely girlfriend Devin after his performance where we chatted about their future move to Nashville, and how great his set was. I’ve already bought tickets for Stephen’s next show downtown at Tin Roof where he will be opening up for Love and Theft on February 22, I am excited to see his career take off!

Logan Mize

Logan Mize has recently found his groove and has gained the attention of country music fans everywhere. Logan has opened for country stars like Lady Antebellum, The Band Perry, Erik Church, and Dierks Bentley. The singer-songwriter from Kansas has been perusing a career in music since 2010 and most recently dropped a new EP From the Vault.

Better Off Gone

Logan closed out the night by taking the crowd on a trip of all of his newest and best hits. Hits like “Better Off Gone” his biggest song to date, although being released in 2017, the song has gained traction on the country radio charts recently and almost everyone at the concert knew the lyrics by heart. I Aint Gotta Grow Up” Logan’s most recent drop ft. Willie Jones and the namesake of the tour is country radios newest find and is the perfect summer jam all about a “good time all night country kind of throwdown.” Mize has a solid stage presence, knows how to command the attention of a crowd, and had everyone singing the night away.

This concert was music to my country-loving ears and made for the perfect Saturday Night. It’s always refreshing to listen to new and upcoming talent and The House of Blues is a perfect place to do just that. Look out for Stephen Ray and Logan Mize, they are doing great things for country music it’s only up from here!

Written by: Vanessa Rock
Photos By: @jennisoncloud9, Devin Dilday