There is still a week left until spring break, but I’m already day dreaming about the beach and home cooked meals. While some college kids escape to Cabo, Havasu, or one of the many spring break destinations, I usually just visit my family. The great thing about my hometown is that it is within commuting distance of LA and the San Fernando Valley, which provides for many spring break outings. I’m going to break down the playlist this week by selecting a few songs for each activity that I intend to do.

Roller-Skating at Skate land in Northridge

I know this sounds a little outdated, but it is by far my favorite thing to do with my siblings. It makes me feel like I’m a little less clumsy than I actually am. This particular roller rink (yes, I’ve tested a couple) plays throwback music on Friday nights. I can really get my roller boogie on to N.W.A., Beastie Boys, and Run-D.M.C.

  1. Straight Outta Compton- N.W.A.
  2. Fight For Your Right- Beastie Boys
  3. It’s Tricky- Run- D.M.C.

Cruising around my hometown

Driving around my hometown gives me severe nostalgia of high school, especially driving by certain places. I was definitely not a cool kid in high school, but I thought I was and I often blasted obnoxious rap music. For old time’s sake I almost always do this when I exit the freeway onto Magic Mountain Parkway and roll in to “Awesometown” (This is actually the nickname for Valencia, CA. Not really sure who okay-ed that one.) Bonus points if I pull up to an old classmate at a red light.

  1. Hypnotize- The Notorious B.I.G.
  2. Ride Wit Me- Nelly, City Spud

Driving down PCH

If you haven’t driven down PCH (sans traffic) in the Santa Monica area, you are truly missing out. Roll the windows down and you feel like you are the protagonist in a movie. Every song sounds extra on point in this scenario, but I have a couple favorites.

  1. PCH- Sublime with Rome
  2. Ocean Avenue- Yellowcard

Hanging out at Will Rogers beach in the Santa Monica/ Pacific Palisades Area

This beach is the best in Santa Monica. Going to the beach underneath the pier is too touristy and it is always way too crowded. Will Rogers State Beach is right off of PCH near the bottom of Temescal Canyon and is typically less crowded. It’s always beautiful and you can long board all the way from this point down past the pier and into Venice Beach. Weather you are cruising along the boardwalk or soaking up some rays on the sand, these songs really aid in the beach vibes.

  1. Jamming- Bob Marley & The Wailers
  2. Good Vibrations- The Beach Boys
  3. What I Got- Sublime
  4. The Boys of Summer- The Ataris
  5. Take It Easy- The Eagles


My Spotify playlist can be found here:

Have a good week and a great spring break!