SpaceHey Brings MySpace Nostalgia

[Cover Photo] Photo Credit: Adobe Stock

MySpace is back?!

Yeah, you’re reading that right. Well, not the OG MySpace, but let me explain. On Thursday, Nov. 11, 2021, MySpace was trending on Twitter and the reason why is a new site called SpaceHey.

SpaceHey is a social network site similar to MySpace but focuses on privacy and customizability. For those who enjoy nostalgia, this site is for you!

Photo Credit: Screenshot of founder “An” SpaceHey Profile

Some features on SpaceHey include bulletins, blogs, instant messaging, HTML coding, and more. Ah HTML, brings me back to spending hours at a time redesigning my profile. We millennials owe Tom a huge thank you for teaching us how to code.

SpaceHey is NOT MySpace nor was it created by our first friend Tom. SpaceHey was created by “An”, a 19-year-old developer based in Germany and run by start-uptibush labs.

If you’re feeling nostalgic and want to peep the here

Written By: Mike Stark | @MikeStarkCA

Mike Stark