Waking up at the crack of dawn the morning after Halloween? Sure, sounds like a plan. It was for Emma Healy, Events Coordinator here at your fave college radio station.

This week we’re highlighting Emma on the heels of her participation with Over The Edge San Diego, a fundraising event to help fight Brain Cancer. Thanks to Emma’s hard work, KCR got involved with the Accelerate Brain Cancer Cure organization. We got the chance to MC and DJ their event, and we had an amazing time doing it!

Emma Healy, Olivia Hill, and Josh Papas at Over The Edge San Diego

The powers that be at KCR want to thank Emma for all her hard work putting on our amazing events. If you ever find yourself at a KCR event, or casually enjoying live music at the SDSU Farmers’ Market, you can thank Emma for it. Her undying love of music & mad event-planning skills have combined to create an awesome weekly event.

She has scheduled tons of artists for our Thursday Turn Ups at the Farmers’ Market. Two of our biggest goals at the station are connecting SDSU students with rising artists, and giving musicians a venue to showcase their talent. Without Emma, the Farmers’ Market would still be a quiet, quiet place filled with only with sounds of rumbling stomachs and sizzling tacos.


Emma always works tirelessly with no complaints to set up in-house events, as well as opportunities for KCR members in the community! In summary, she is a rock star responsible for approximately a million things that make KCR what it is today.


 Uncaptioned photos by the illustrious Josselyn Salas