El Rey del Acordión, better know as Ramon Ayala is one of Mexico’s treasures in the music industry.

Ayala started his music career 50 years ago and still performs. On Sunday, February 23 Ramon Ayala took the stage at The House of Blues in San Diego. More than 1,000 people attended to watch him perform his hit songs Vestido de Color de Rosa, Rinconsito en el Cielo, and his popular hit Tragos Amargos.  The band that opened the show for Ramon Ayala was La Banda Machos who are also one of Mexico’s most known brands of the regional genre. As Ayala performed, the enjoyment and passion of the crowd were felt throughout the whole concert. Everyone in the room was singing all of his songs.  As a Latina, Ramon Ayla is an artist that must be played in the household or at parties. Ramon Ayala is a Mexico treasure. 

Written by: Karina Bazarte
Photo taken by: Karina Bazarte