NOHC – Fly



In the past few years, the popularity of EDM has exploded.

Now, I don’t pretend to know anything about the genre, as I’ve just dipped my pinky toe into it, but before David Guetta started making Top 40 charts I didn’t even bother leaving my indie rock world (and I sure missed out).

Since I started looking around, I’ve noticed that EDM has a history and plenty of variety. House and Dance have a way of pumping your blood, appealing to whatever part of our brain deeply enjoys rhythm and beat, without all the troubling melodrama of lyrics. It’s almost like pure feeling.

This brings me to this week’s submissions highlight, NOHC.

As you may know, my favorite question to ask bands is how they decided on a name. NOHC pulled their name from the chemical formula for adrenaline, which is about as nerdy and wonderful as it gets for this college kid. The New Jersey “EDM trio” is comprised of Brandon Zemel, Chris Vuoncino, and Suzanne Criscione and their single, “Fly” deserves your attention.

What starts off as a pop ballad, pulling at your need to “let go” and “feel the wind in [your] hair” [insert Frozen reference], hits the chorus and quickly becomes a ballsy beat that is truly as freeing as “how it feels to fly.” You can grab the track for free on their soundcloud [highly recommend] and show your support by liking their Facebook page, where you can learn all about their touring dates and when they drop new songs. They will be at SXSW on March 11th, so if you’re going, make sure to stop by and check them out.

Here are a few more songs from this week, which, as you know, deserve all the repeats.

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