There is a certain sound that narrates summer and the band New Hope Club has harnessed said sound in full capacity. On Wednesday, June 28th, I had the opportunity to go catch one of their shows at the House of Blues in San Diego, CA. The trio, consisting of Reece Bibby, George Smith, and Blake Richardson, formed in England and has captured the hearts of fans with their catchy singles like “Know Me Too Well,” “Somebody That You Loved,” and “Love Again.” 

Photo/Kate Kotlyar

As the sun was beginning to set that night, my friend and I found ourselves walking into the Voodoo Room at the House of Blues. Acquainted with high ceilings and walls plastered in paintings of all displays, the intimate venue felt timeless. Upon entering, New Hope Club was already tearing up the stage with their yearning single “Let Me Down Slow” from their debut, self-titled 2020 album. Vocalist Blake Richardson had us all under his spell, maintaining the crowd’s energy with a voice that pushed against the walls of the room.

From the moment you stepped into the room of their performance, you became a hopeless romantic with a story tied into their lyrics. The trio had donned on some casual outfits that night, in tune with the sun-rock feel of their sound and the city they were in. Diving into the second song of their set, “Getting Better,” I could really understand truly how diverse the discography of New Hope Club is. The 2022 single “Getting Better” takes a funkier, disco-pop approach to their setup while songs like “Love Again,” which is also from their debut, define their powerhouse pop beginnings. 

Photo/Kate Kotlyar

Then in a tender moment from the night, the band slowed down their set for their single released at the beginning of this year titled “Don’t Go Wasting Time.” The room lifted up their cell phone lights as Reece delegated the acoustics, delicately singing out the lyrics “I just need a moment.” The song definitely was one of the highlights of the night between Reece’s elevated vocals towards the end and the symphonic feel of the entire crowd singing along, eyes watering all around. It proved that the band could both bring us to tears and to our feet. 

Important to note, New Hope Club had a very vocal audience, giving that classic boy-band fan kind of feel. Fans were yelling out, asking the members to draw them tattoos and to give them their setlists. It was definitely a tug of war between charm and interruption during these moments, but the band seemed to entertain the fans quite well, trying on heart-shaped glasses that were being given to the front. My friend Ana and I had a great time dancing towards the back of the room as the die-hards kept their eyes glued to the stage in adoration. 

Photo/Kate Kotlyar

Shortly after playing “Don’t Go Wasting My Time,” they shifted gears and performed a cover of Miley Cyrus’s “Flowers.” The band acknowledged that they started as a YouTube cover band, so their covers at shows nod towards their founding. This choice was a fun addition to their set as “Flowers” accented their pop sensibilities just right. By the end of the night, “Worse,” a single the band released in 2020, was dedicated as my favorite. Sharp and witty, the song had a hold on all of us and truly won me over. It was both simple and heartfelt, dabbling with the twinge of jealousy and reality that can really jar a crowd. 

I had not listened to New Hope Club much before attending their show, but I definitely left as a fan. After their show, I felt like I had a taste of the range of their sound and am excited to see what directions they will take their expertise in the future. “Worse” has landed a secure spot on my playlists and I’m stoked to see what they do next!