Happy Tuesday! I am eager to say that Neighborhood Jams is back this spring! So get ready for some San Diego bands, musicians, and some overall great jams!

On this week’s edition of Neighborhood Jams I am featuring up and coming musician Brian Kapler who was in the band Permanent Me from 2004-2008. Permanent Me came out with an EP  titled Dear Virginia EP, and ten years later Kapler is working on his own path.  One of his first big move is his newest single Falling Apart which you can hear HERE! Not only does Kapler sing beautiful lyrics, but he knows his way around the guitar tabs. He sounds like a combination of Vance Joy and Coldplay.  Falling Apart was released yesterday, March 21, on Kapler’s Bandcamp.  Also on Kapler’s Bandcamp you can check out his five-song album titled Black Lines which was released mid-February of 2016. You can check out those tunes here.

Falling Apart is personally one of my most favorite songs mainly because of the raw and emotional lyrics.  My favorite lines are, thankfully, in the repeating chorus and they go: “You got me falling (Falling Apart). And in the morning, You go and Break My heart.” Kapler got me falling apart, and this new single is perfect in every way. Another single that I really appreciated was Until You Love Me which again gives me the feels and is like a window into Kapler’s heart and soul.


Brian Kapler is located in Brooklyn, New York. He will be performing at The Bowery Electric on March 31st and at Pianos on April 15. This is just the start, but I have a good feeling that Kapler will be able to tour all the way out to San Diego one day. Let KCR know when you’re in town! And lets all give him a follow on Facebook, too!