We’re all coping with different things. We’re dealing with heartbreaks, we’re dealing with exams, we’re dealing with lost friendships, we’re dealing with time wasted on watching Netflix, and lastly, some of us are dealing with the election results. The best way to get out of this funk (in my opinion) is to spend a little time with just yourself and listen to relaxing music.

I compiled a list of songs to hopefully ease some of your worried minds. Check them out:

November 9th by Willow Smith 

Willow Smith

I hope you all remember Willow Smith, right? She had that crazy song called “Whip My Hair” back in the day? Well, she has a ton of new music on her soundcloud. Not only does she sing in most of the songs, but she also produces some of them. Her newest song, November 9th, is a reflection on the election that occurred recently. That being said, this song is definitely for those who aren’t satisfied and are worried about the results. My favorite piece of lyric in this song is: “Baby girl, I know you’re tired / Don’t let the world put out your fire”.

I’ve Been Loving You Too Long by Otis Redding


I used to think for a long time that you have to listen to happy songs when you’re in a bad mood. But what does that do? I don’t think that helps with anything. If you’re dealing with heartbreak, Otis Redding is the way to go. This song, I’ve Been Loving You Too Long, is straight, raw emotion. What I’m trying to say is, you shouldn’t obscure how you’re feeling ever. Let this song be your outlet! I heard (but don’t quote me on this) that sad music has the ability to trigger positive emotions.

La Vie En Rose by Laura and Anton


Originally by Edith Piaf, this song was covered by a duo named Laura and Anton. This rendition is not only soothing to the ear, but it’s in French, so it’s even MORE soothing to the ear. This is my go-to song for whenever I’m stressed about school or whenever I’m feeling overworked. I don’t understand French at all, so that makes the song easy to tune out, be a background track to me studying, cleaning my room, or just hanging out in bed. If you’re in need of a simple, relaxing song, this is the one.


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