Wassup my little pug children! It’s Jess, one half of the rad Cactus Twins here to school all of you on fashion. So lock up your yoga pants and god-forsaken SDSU hoodies and get ready to take some notes like your major depends on it. I don’t care whether you’re a Kinesiology major or some Art student lost in the public education system; I’m here to help you all out with looking fab and breaking hearts while you doze off in class.

San Diego’s in some weird weather limbo at the moment so making sure you’re just as warm as you are hot is crucial during these trying times of hardcore rain and sudden true desert climate. Raid your local thrift store for some cheapo jackets and coats and revel in telling all your jealous peers that they can’t score your look at some F21 or something; this stuff is unique and you’ve gotta work hard to make sure you score all the cool points on campus. You wanna make sure you’re a common fixture on Yik Yak as the cool kid everyone’s lusting after.

If you’re ever really feeling yourself and are rockin’ it like the hot tamale you are, come find me and we’ll set these KCR followers on fire. This is a gift from me to you, so don’t disappoint me. Come at me with full throttle SDSU. It was mega nice meetin’ ya and hope you have a good one!