Sonia Quintero is a current freshman here at SDSU. She wants to major in international business, with an emphasis in Italian and Western European studies. In her spare time,  she loves going biking and going to different coffee shops around downtown. She also likes to take pictures and post them on her Instagram account, which has a total of 23,800 followers!

When I asked her what made her start taking pictures, Sonia answered, “I really like traveling, and I always wanted to make sure I remembered where I went, so I would take pictures.”

Sonia prefers to take pictures of landscapes – sunsets and cities are her favorite. Having grown up and lived in San Diego all her life, Sonia identifies the city’s beauty as her main inspiration.

“San Diego inspires me because everything is so beautiful, and we have so many beautiful things to see – yet people always fixate on Los Angeles and New York.”

Although still a few years away, Sonia expressed that after college, she hopes to incorporate photography into her future career.

Sonia’s favorite pictures are:

can't even think of a pun smh #VSCOcam

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And, after looking through all of her pictures myself, I’ve picked some of my favorites:

guau la montaña magica

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blurred faces #vscocam

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The rest of her pictures are all just as amazing! I highly encourage you to check out her Instagram.