You know a film is incredible when it has the ability to make you laugh, cry and leave you questioning the world around you. “Manchester by the Sea” was truly one of the most phenomenal pieces of cinema I have ever viewed. It is a heavy drama that explores the theme of loss, and the complexity of relationships, hope and love. The Guardian, a British daily newspaper, said the film was a “minor-key masterpiece” and described it asĀ “inexpressibly sad.” The movie starts with the introduction of Lee (Casey Affleck) as an angry janitor living in Boston. He goes back to his hometown shortly after the death of his brother only to find out that he is now the legal guardian of his brother’s son. He was resistant to take on the role, at first, but eventually accepts and moves in with the boy. As the plot progresses, the audience discovers that Lee had previously experienced a terrible tragedy that forever changed his outlook on life. This movie proved that one simple, careless mistake has the ability to change the entire course of a person’s life. It makes you think in depth about your own life and how anything can happen to anyone at any time. Trust me, this film will rip your heart out and tear it to a million pieces. And, it is amazing.