There’s an endless array of new music to discover in the world of up-and-coming bands. La Bouquet is an indie duo based in Los Angeles. Their music has some ’80s and pop punk influence, but it is created solely to evoke emotion.

Members Bryan Sammis and Jake Lopez also worked together during a previous project called Olivver the Kid. Sammis decided to put that work in the past and work first-hand with just Lopez. Their debut single, “Loveless,” was released here , along with a video over the summer.

I had the pleasure of speaking with Sammis about La Bouquet and his plans for the band. This has become his favorite music endeavor as he is truly pouring his heart and soul into this music and creating music exactly how he wants. If you’re interested in reading the interview I did, check it out here.

Their long-awaited EP, “Heavy Sunshine,” was released a couple weeks ago. Fans have expressed nothing but love for the four songs on the EP.

Sammis took to Twitter to explain the structure of the EP. He tweeted, “Fun fact: the EP starts out with ‘heavy sunshine’ and ends with ‘the puddle’ as the weather slowly deteriorates from sunshine to rain with each song” (La Bouquet Twitter).

Music has the power to influence one’s mood and help the listener connect with the artist through shared experiences. La Bouquet perfectly captures this in their music as they seek to help their listeners cope with things they may be struggling with.

“Loser Baby” is my absolute favorite from the album because it talks about self-love. Many people find it so hard to love themselves with all the pressures in the world today. The song focuses on releasing that negativity from your mind and soul. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve found myself jamming out to this song.

Each song holds a deeper message that is bigger than itself and I hope you will listen to them and find a connection like I have.

It is bands like La Bouquet that prove music can have true value and meaning.

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