The Boston Bruins are surprisingly getting shell-shocked by the Montreal Canadiens in Round 2 of the Stanley Cup playoffs.  The Habs lead the series 2-1.  The question is, though:  why have we been able to beat the Habs all this season, and now in the playoffs, we can’t?  The Bruins need to step up their game.  Their play has been lackluster and not fast enough to keep up with the Canadiens’ speed-skaters (Tomas Plekanec, etc.).  We need more action from Patrice Bergeron as well; he’s been practically invisible these playoffs.  Almost as invisible as Sidney Crosby.  The only difference is that Crosby finally scored a goal.

We need better production from our Merlot Line.  The Bruins CAN come back to win this series, we just need to produce better.