Band To Watch: Super Whatevr

As the lead vocalist of the main band I Don’t Know How But They Found Me sang “No one likes the opening band,” it really got me thinking- does anyone really like or even pay attention to the openers? It takes a great and vibrant band to grab and hold the attention of an audience often restless and sometimes brutal to first acts.

On Sept. 27, 2017, the band I Don’t Know How But They Found Me played an intimate gig at the House of Blues in San Diego. The opening band Super Whatevr really captured the crowd’s attention. Walking out on stage, they introduced themselves like a high school band at a talent show. But once they started playing, their talent and energy flew off the charts. Super Whatevr took the stage and performed five songs with ease and passion. Despite playing in front of disinterested teenage girls, I was surprised at how comfortable they all seemed onstage. Like any promising band would, they grabbed the audience’s attention and made everyone, including myself, want to see more. The freshness of an up-and-coming band with new music is always exciting to me.

The lead singer, Skylar, posses a voice missed in the rock-n-roll scene. His raspy yet passionate and powerful voice made the songs fun and enjoyable to watch. The band even performed an emotional ballad called “Someone Somewhere Somehow”. The lyrics “Believe he actually was a corpse before his life had ended” really struck a cord in everyone at the venue. One could feel the sympathy radiating from the audience as the song began to build and the lead singer’s voice grew more in longing and emotion. Tears filled the eyes of many people in the room that night.

The guitarist, Dylan, also stood out to me. He seemed quiet and reserved but he seriously rocked on the guitar.

As I was watching them perform I knew the world needed to know about them. They are a must-watch band and I hope to see their name in lights on the Whiskey a Go Go marquee someday. Keep on rocking Super Whatevr!

Caitlin Cardenas

I'm a Criminal Justice major at SDSU. I like music, movies,tv shows, and books. That's about it.