Talia standing on the bridge at the Turtle Pond with foliage in the background.

Behind the Mic: Talia Raoufpur

The telling of stories and uncovering of truths are key principles of news. Morning news shows can update listeners with local, national and global stories, while providing proper entertainment through featured guests and interviews. KCR’s Talia Raoufpur hosts a show that does just that every Wednesday from 8-9 a.m. “Hit The News, Not The Snooze,” […]

Bri and Julianna in front of Student Services West.

Behind the Mic: Bri Marquez and Julianna Ress

The entertainment industry is made up of a variety of productions and artists that viewers eagerly enjoy. For fans, the fun also comes with breaking down the most recent episode of their favorite show, or last night’s concert. Bri Marquez and Julianna Ress host the show “Lights, Camera, Aztecs” every Monday night. And, it is […]