It’s The 1975 at SDSU

If you haven’t heard of The 1975, they’re a pop rock band from Manchester, England. The group consists of Matty Healy as the lead vocalist, Adam Hann on lead guitar, Ross MacDonald on bass, and George Daniel on drums. Their first album, “The 1975,” debuted in 2013. Their second album, “I Like It When You Sleep, […]

Kicking Off Festival Season

Festival season has officially arrived! With Stagecoach and Coachella fast approaching, piecing together the perfect outfits can become one of your most important tasks. And, what better way to prepare for these major festivals than by supporting your local boutiques and businesses while you find the perfect outfits and accessories? This past weekend, I went to […]

In the Closet of: Christina Kilambi

Meet Christina: Christina Kilambi is currently a freshman studying public health here at SDSU. Originally from Temecula, she’s a Southern California native. Christina loves looking at the moon at night, and she hates rude people. Her music playlists consist of Frank Ocean, Drake, Rihanna, Ratatat and The Buttertones. If she could only eat one thing for the […]

In the Closet of: Ethan Kokesh

Meet Ethan: Ethan Kokesh is originally from Los Angeles, but moved to Dallas, Texas, last year. He came back to sunny California this past semester to study business marketing here at SDSU. Ethan’s most listened to artists are Drake, Big Sean and Travis Scott. He hates country. His favorite food is mac-n-cheese, he loves acai […]