AC/DC No More?

Rock or Bust

It’s hard to believe sometimes that our favorite musicians are only human. They age just like the rest of us, and have health problems as well. Even though we continue to get news about legendary musicians passing away or becoming ill, we still can’t believe it when the next headline comes along. This week, classic rock fans around the world got hit with the news that AC/DC lead singer, Brian Johnson, may have to stop touring with the band “or risk total hearing loss”. Now this news would be bad on its own, but it has been made even worse by the fact that AC/DC is currently on tour.

With the cancellation and rescheduling of ten dates, is this the end of AC/DC?

With the cancellation and rescheduling of ten dates, is this the end of AC/DC?

10 tour dates in as many different cities had to be rescheduled in AC/DC’s current “Rock or Bust” tour. It has been stated that any ticket holders to the to be rescheduled dates will not have to pay for their tickets again, but will instead receive tickets when the next show is scheduled or can receive a refund. But what about Brian Johnson? Well, it looks like he is bust. AC/DC has stated that the tour will continue later in the year “likely with a guest vocalist”. Many people seem to agree that this is the end of AC/DC, a band that thrives on live performances. Although the band has faced many troubles in the past (like the death of their first lead singer, Bon Scott, in 1980), they have been able to recover and come out on top. But like The Guardian writer Michael Hann mentions, they have only released five albums since 1990. According to Hann, fans “didn’t pay for Angus Young, bassist Cliff Williams, and three stand-ins, which is what they would be getting”. If they continue with the tour, having had so many of their core band members drop out of the race, would they really be touring for the fans anymore, or just for the money?

While it may be difficult to say goodbye to such a legendary group of talented musicians, it may indeed be time for AC/DC to put down the microphones. Us fans are happy to listen to their classics over and over.

Audrey Atwater