Behind the Mic: Aniel Roderickz and Cassidy Ta

Aniel and Cassidy in the SDSU Student Union.

Mondays can be difficult to get through, but KCR aims to alleviate some of that stress with its show lineup, including “Sleepy Solarium,” which airs in the afternoon from 1 to 2. I joined the hosts, Aniel Roderickz and Cassidy Ta, for an interview to see what voices were behind the mic.

Aniel, a senior at SDSU, said that he started “Sleepy Solarium” a couple semesters ago, and primarily played indie rock and alternative. The music playlist has since changed, according to both Cassidy and Aniel. This semester, you can expect to hear a variety of pop, EDM, hip hop and more. Aniel said that he doesn’t necessarily build a playlist for each show. Instead, he spontaneously selects songs while on air. Friends of both Aniel and Cassidy influence which songs are played, as they frequently submit song requests.

When I asked what made their show unique, both hosts had answers for me. Cassidy explained that she does a segment in which she reacts to different music videos, most recently The xx’s video for “On Hold.” Reaction videos, a trend on YouTube, prove to be entertaining; Cassidy brings the trend to KCR’s airwaves. Aniel mentioned that he features a song of the week on every show. Additionally, the two notify listeners of local shows, providing details such as the lineups, venue and prices.

Aniel said that “feeding music to people’s ears” is his favorite part of hosting the show. He explained that having a show allows his friends to experience the music that he likes and recommends. He expressed that “Sleepy Solarium” is a relaxed hour, which I bet many could use on a Monday.

Cassidy, a sophomore and business management major, mentioned that she is the Director of Sponsorships for the Aztec Music Group, a student organization that connects music and business. Aztec Music Group hosts an annual silent disco in Montezuma Hall and is having an “Entertainment Industry Panel” on Feb. 23rd. More details can be found on AMG’s Facebook page

In his fourth semester with KCR, Aniel, an MIS (management information systems) major, shares his personal connection to music. He said that he recently just filled in on the drums at a show for Hand Drawn Tree, an indie alternative band from Chula Vista, CA. Sempra Sol is Aniel’s own indietronica band. Aniel says he writes and produces all of the music, and sings and plays guitar for the band.

You can listen to Aniel and Cassidy on their show, “Sleepy Solarium,” every Monday at 1 p.m. on KCR College Radio.

In addition, you can find your favorite DJs on our KCR schedule.

Featured Image: Aniel Roderickz and Cassidy Ta play a variety of music on their show, which nearly every listener can appreciate. Photo by Sumner Shorey.

Ghost Stories in San Diego

On the fateful evening of Monday, Feb. 17th I ventured out into the wide expanse of San Diego and traveled far to The Observatory, a venue as tasteful as it is secure (which is to say very). The massive wooden doors to the establishment opened promptly an hour before the show began, but you, dear reader, are likely wondering what show I am referring to and with good reason, as I have not yet revealed that to you.

The live show I had waited weeks to attend was titled “Ghost Stories” and put on by “Welcome to Nightvale”, a podcast, community and home to everything weird and wonderful. The show itself was nearly identical to one of numerous podcast episodes which can be found here. The show began with an introduction by Meg Bashwiner, who told us the rules for the evening and pointed to the exits, all in a humorous and engaging manner. Throughout the performance, there was an intimate sense of unadulterated joy and serendipity. The actors and musicians kept the audience focused on everything they did and said as we hung on every note, every word, every humorous smirk in between lines of dialogue.

Special Musical Guest Erin McKeown’s performance before and during “Ghost Stories” was incredible. The song she played for the weather segment, “Queer Gospel,” brought back fond memories of late nights listening to “Welcome to Nightvale” and of good times with my other LGBT friends.

I do not wish to spoil anything, but from what I experienced on that fateful evening, I can say with the utmost certainty that for those hours I was transported to a place where the worries of everyday life seemed but a distant memory, fading away as I was embraced in a warm calm. Overall, “Ghost Stories” was an incredibly moving experience, and though “Welcome to Nightvale” is certainly not for everyone, it is definitely something to many.

Featured Image by Violet Friudenberg.

KCR Turn Up No.2: Nick Jordan

For those of you that enjoyed last Thursday’s KCR Turn Up at the San Diego State University Farmer’s Market it was one to be reckoned with. Every Thursday KCR College Radio brings some of the baddest and most unique performers to grace the concrete stage of Campanile Walkway from 12-1 p.m.

With the hustle and bustle that comes with Thursday’s at SDSU these local and out-of-town artists bring some much needed energy to our campus.

Last Thursday Nick Jordan came through and showed off his impressive lyrical skills. This 24-year-old rapper from Oklahoma who now resides in the city of angels has much to look forward to as a new found rapper. His new venture is just another extension of his multifaceted persona. He has an impressive musical ability as a previous drummer for Assemble The Skyline.

If this name sounds familiar that is because his previous band was featured on Vans Warped Tour 2012. He definitely is no stranger to the music scene. However, he is well-versed in hip-hop naming some of his few musical influences with me such as N.W.A., but don’t underestimate this artist he is more than just a white rapper.

He wants fans to know that he embraces the hip-hop culture and ultimately it comes down to making more music and music that provides a different style listeners can vibe to.

I’m pretty sure he was feeling the SDSU vibe with these pictures that were taken of his set last Thursday.




After his Turn Up set he was able to catch his breath and talk to me about his recently released EP The Night and what he plans to do with his music in the next couple of months.

“Really owning (rapping) that I feel I have a long ways to go,” Jordan said. It’s not surprising that this artists wants to perfect his craft especially when he does have his work cut out for him. However, he does have some help from his fellow producer Alex. When describing their collaboration he mentioned that the two of them get s%$t done and he hopes the good times keep getting better.

His new EP, which was released four months ago in late October is available on iTunes and on SoundCloud  for your listening pleasure.

Here are my top three tracks from his album, but I recommend listening to the whole album you will not be disappointed.




Check him out:



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