Neighborhood Jams: Young the Giant

While waking up for my Tuesday 8:00 a.m. class today I was hit with a reminder that we are in the middle of the semester.  Nights are a little bit longer in the library; mornings are cold and come too soon; and midterms are creeping up faster than finals.  All of this can only mean one thing – we need to take some time for ourselves and our wild sides.  We need good music for our souls, and I know just the band. This week I am featuring a band that is playing two nights in San Diego this week – YES, TWO NIGHTS THIS WEEK! So between all the page flipping and essay cramming, we can definitely take a break – in the name of rock ‘n roll of course.

Young the Giant is an alternative, indie rock band formed in Irvine, CA back in 2004.  Before they decided on their current name they were formerly known as The Jakes back in the day. The band consists of: Sameer Gadhia on lead vocals, Jacob Tilley and Eric Cannata on guitar, Payam Doostzadeh on the bass, and lastly Francois Comtois on drums.  Together they have released three albums titled Young the Giant (2010), Mind Over Matter (2014), and Home of the Strange (2016).  In 2011 the band’s two singles “Cough Syrup” and “My Body” hit charts both reaching to the top five of America’s top alternative music. My personal favorite song is “Cough Syrup”  because when I first heard this five years ago, it was a sound that I was not familiar with.  They are happy and poppy without sounding like a cookie cutout of Top 40 pop.  Their lyrics are different yet meaningful.  For example, my favorite lines are:

“If I could find a way to see this straight
I’d run away
To some fortune that I, I should have found by now”


Two months ago Young the Giant released their latest album Home of the Strange on August 12th and have since been on tour selling out almost every single venue.  You guys can check them out tonight, October 18th, and tomorrow, October 19th, at the House of Blues downtown at 7:00 o’clock.  Tickets are sold out – but you are more than welcomed to stand on the corner and try to scalp some tickets with me tomorrow night.  Until then be sure to check out their Facebook page in order to stay up to date with tours, news, and all that jazz.


Photo Credit: Young the Giant

Neighborhood Jams: Young Creatures

It’s the end of September this week, so let’s end it on a great note by listening to some great tunes!  You guys ready to hear a combo of Death Cab for Cutie and The Killers? If you said yes, then you are in for a real treat. This week on Neighborhood Jams I am featuring the Los Angeles band Young Creatures.

Young Creatures would be categorized as a psychedelic rock band with a touch of pop – I ain’t complaining. They have been touring since 2012 ever since their first two EPs blessed the ears of L.A. Their first two EPs were titled Young Creatures (2012) and Habitats (2013).  From there they combined their strong lyrics and mellow guitar riffs together in order to debut their first full-length album in September 2014 titled Fear All The Things.


As mentioned earlier, this quartet has been touring all over the West Coast and country.  Some of the venues have included The Echo, Bardot, and The Viper Room.  Even SXSW – that would have been awesome to check these guys out there.

Now, one of the perks of my great job here at KCR College Radio is to hear new music before it is officially released.  And Vinny from Young Creatures shared their newest single Slow with me, which will be released in just a few days – September 30th to be exact! When I heard this song it instantly lifted my spirits.  My mind took me to the beach with the tunes breezing through my hair – it was pretty awesome. I love this song, and I think it is a great first single off of their new album coming in the beginning of 2017.

If you live in San Diego you will be able to groove with these guys on Thursday, September 29th, at The Merrow on University Avenue.  You can purchase your tickets here, and they are only $7 in advance or $10 at the door.  I will definitely be there – and you should, too! Now, if you can’t make it to the show they will be on tour until October 15th visiting cities such as Portland, Denver, and Pheonix.

Let’s all support this great up and coming band by liking their Facebook page – they are SO CLOSE to a thousand likes! Keep you ears open on the 30th for the release of their newest single Slow.  You can check out all their tunes on their Soundcloud and their beautiful website.

Neighborhood Jams: KAABOO

Happy Hump Day, KCR listeners and readers. This week’s Neighborhood Jams is a little different this week. I wanted to experience this music festival before my write-up so I could be able to share my personal thoughts. Also, be sure to listen to my music show on KCR College Radio Wednesday at 3:00 – or be the ultimate fan and read this while I’m on air since both pieces are interrelated.

This past weekend I was able to go to one of San Diego’s newer music festivals, KAABOO! This 3-day music festival takes place on the Del Mar grounds where multiple stages are scattered throughout the location. Besides having awesome, and random, artists performing nonstop there were also comedy acts, artists painting murals, and tons and tons of food vendors. It was truly a cluster celebration of the arts – and your girl got to experience it! Here are my top five favorite moments of KAABOO 2016:

  1. The Location

First off the location was great. Del Mar has such a laid back attitude. The air is crisp from the ocean, and the sunset was out of this world every night. One main stage was at the very end where the Ferris wheel usually is during the summertime when the fair is there for a month. Another main stage was near the racetrack. It was really cool to see the grounds transform to a music festival from a racetrack. They even added sand where the audience stands in front of one of the stages to get the beachy feel going.

  1. The Art

I am a big fan of art and watching people create art – probably because the only things I can decently draw are flowers. There were giant walls and murals displayed all over the location and artists were working on these awesome paintings while the bands were performing. Some of my personal favorite paintings were definitely the seahorses and the mermaids. It brought the feel of the ocean to the festival. My only question is what did they do with these giant masterpieces after the festival? Hopefully they didn’t get hit with pepper spray Saturday night.

  1. The Line-up

Let’s get into the real reason I wanted to attend this festival – for the music! This year’s lineup was a little random, but KAABOO covered all genres and decades in to one package. Some of the headliners included Jack Johnson, Fall Out Boy, Goo Goo Dolls, Third Eye Blind, Jimmy Buffett, and Aerosmith. There were other bands which included Echosmith, Lenny Kravitz, Hall & Oats, Ludacris, and Flo Rida. This is just a list of some of the musicians I was excited to see but the line up is much, much longer than that. That is what is great about KAABOO because where else can you sway to the sounds of Hall & Oats and then rap with Ludacris a couple hours later?

  1. The Crowd

This might seem like a weird thing to list so high, but the crowd was one of my most favorite aspects of this festival. The age range was anywhere from early twenties to late sixties. There were tons of families that had babies with giant headphones on, and groups of friends enjoying the music. Everyone seemed so mellow and excited to be there. I also went with a great group of friends and that definitely contributed to my experience.

  1. Aerosmith!

Now you are probably thinking, “Bri, you already described the lineup?” but no. This is Aerosmith, you guys! I got to see them perform! Out of the entire weekend I was anticipating their set the most. Steven Tyler looked fantastic and sounded great, too. Joe Perry killed it on every single song that they performed. There was not a single body in the audience sitting or standing still – everyone went wild. I personally lost it two times when Tyler threw not only a scarf of this to the crowd (he was wearing three, by the way), but he also played a quick harmonica solo and then threw that out in the crowd! Could you imagine leaving KAABOO with a souvenir like that?

Overall KAABOO was a ton of fun. I was able to hear some great music, spend time with my friends, experience art, and enjoy the Del Mar sunshine. Check out my playlist that will be live on air Wednesday 9/21 at 3:00 p.m.!