The Storm That Stopped it All – Desert Daze Friday Review

Located 3 miles deep into the desert of Lake Perris, CA, Desert Daze music festival kicked off its weekend on Friday October 12.

Unlike any festival I have ever been to before, Desert Daze took place on Moreno Beach making the venue one of the most beautiful places to watch live music. The psychedelic rock festival’s first day line up included Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats, Jarvis Cocker, LA Witch, and Pond, with the hotly anticipated Tame Impala headlining. While the festival had become a recent annual affair within Joshua Tree, the location was forced to move to accommodate the scope of this year’s event. Understandably, this set the stage for a series of ups, downs, and growing pains. From traffic to desert storms, here are all things we saw at Desert Daze on Friday.

The Scenery

Lake Perris provided the festival with the most incredible scenery to look out at. Even as the storm clouds rolled in, the skyline and mountains kept visitors in awe. The main stage, where bands such as Pond and Tame Impala performed at, was enclosed around the lake and the beach, which added to every performance.

The Traffic

Some festival-goers waited 3-4 hours in car lines on Friday simply trying to make it into the festival. While the festival experienced severe backlash from their inability to speed up traffic, they attempted to make it up by honoring all Friday passes during Saturdays performaces. Although the festival was expecting traffic at the new location, the terrible wait times many experienced added to the few losses the festival took on Friday.

The Art

The festival was scattered with a plethora of interactive artwork ranging from old living rooms, a “Derpgarden”, a disco themed treehouse, spray painted murals, rainbows and so much more. With every step taken, a new piece of art was found on the grounds. The unique lively artwork added personality to the festival. Each stage had been surrounded and topped off with artistic elements boosting the live shows.

The Rain

Around sunset, the clouds began to darken causing some nerves within the festival goers. Who would have thought that in the middle of a Southern California desert, a thunderstorm would tarnish the most anticipated performance of the festival. A few hours before Kevin Parker, Tame Impala’s mastermind, took the stage raindrops began to fall and lightning danced in the horizon. At 10 p.m. it was fully raining but Tame Impala still began performing. After 3 songs, officials took the mic announcing in panic for everyone to exit the grounds and wait in their cars until the storm passed, promising Tame Impala would be back. Fans exited the festival upset, confused and hopeful that Tame would be rejoin the crowd at some point. My group waited silently in our car as it poured outside, getting less hopeful by each minute that passed. After an hour of waiting we decided that Tame’s return was highly unlikely and hit the road. The festival left fans without any updates during this time, besides tweeting out that everyone should seek shelter.

The 3 Song Performance- Tame Impala

3 songs, 15 minutes. That is how long Desert Daze got to watch Kevin Parker dominate the stage with his trippy light shows and cosmic sound. He opened with mellow song, “Nangs” which led into a fan favorite, “Let it Happen”. Luckily for fans, Parker played the full 8 minute 9 second version of the song. Although it was only ⅓ of his performance, the energy and excitement that filled the audience during “Let it Happen” made being at that show worth it. The performance was topped with confetti and unplanned lightening taking over the sky at harmonious times with the song. Tame Impala closed off with “Sundown Syndrome” which normally would be a chill lead into an incredible setlist packed with songs from the newest album “Currents”. Although the rain stopped the show, being able to have at least seen 3 songs made the night slightly better. Kevin took to Instagram to post a sad face on a rainy window saying, “Devastated. Sorry Desert Daze. Hope everyone’s safe.” and the following day posted, “You know what’s crazy…We were planning on playing the song Jeremy’s Storm at Desert Daze for the first time in five years for a one off jam……. Still heartbroken by the way. Feel deeply for everyone who saved up to buy tickets or traveled from far away to see us. There’ll be a next time of course. Hang in there.” The irony of storm canceling the show that was to feature the rare song “Jeremy’s Storm” stings a little knowing how incredible the night would have been if it concluded with a full 90 minute Tame Impala performance.

The Desert Daze music festival is budding with potential for upcoming years. While their inability to speed up the traffic lines on Friday did result in some furious  people, the tragic ending to Friday was out of the festivals control. The unique line-up, breathtaking view and incredible artwork is something that makes Desert Daze unlike any festival. While the first day of the festival may have not lead the weekend off to the greatest start, many elements of the fest leave it with the ability to breakthrough as one of the best psychedelic rock festivals yet.

Written by: Kelly Kerrigan

In with the Old

Many popular artists, such as Tyler, the Creator, Mac DeMarco, Foster the People, and many more have been releasing their albums on vinyl and over the past few years, it has been becoming more and more popular and what’s “old fashioned” is coming back again. Even I have personally purchased a record player recently and started collecting new and old vinyl and I love it all so much.
What makes vinyl so different from different platforms, such as CDs, cassettes, and MP3, is the physical beauty, buying experience, and sound that comes along with it. Besides seeing the actual vinyl in all it’s 12” beauty comes the album artwork and inserts that make each album and LP unique. Then when going to a record store, such as Amoeba Music in Hollywood, San Francisco, and Berkley, or a local one such as Full Contact Rock-n-Roll in North Park, the process before the actual purchase is an entire trip alone. From searching through the boxes and boxes of used vinyls and looking through organized sections of genres and artists comes a relaxing and enjoyable pastime that allows a music lover to take in all aspects of what is around them. Lastly, vinyl just sounds different. From the crackle of old records to the crisp, clean sound of instruments on brand new albums, the entire listening experience is a different animal that audiophiles, music lovers, and old souls alike can surely enjoy.
After buying my first record in the summer of 2016, I have become more and more interested in vinyls and collecting them. It wasn’t until I finally got my record player this year that I realized the big difference in my music experience. Not only is vinyl beautiful aesthetically, but in every aspect of it is alluring and magical to me.

Men’s Basketball Season Review

By Richard Armstrong

After San Diego State failed to make the NCAA or NIT tournaments for the first time since the 2004-2005 season last year, expectations coming into this season were mixed. The team also looked to move on from the greatest coach in the history of San Diego State Basketball, Steve Fisher, after he retired following last season. Most pundits agreed on a couple things however: the Aztecs are talented, they play good defense, and they should compete with Nevada, Boise State, and Fresno State for top dog in the Mountain West.

The out of conference schedule included a road game at Arizona State, in addition to home games against: Georgia, Washington State, Cal, and last year’s national title runner up Gonzaga. The Aztecs were able to pick up wins against Georgia and Gonzaga, but lost to all three Pac-12 foes. They finished the non-conference portion of their schedule 8-3 and hoped to build off the momentum from the win over then seventh ranked Gonzaga when conference play started. The conference schedule started with a loss on the road against Wyoming, but the Aztecs followed that up with 3 consecutive victories against Utah State, Colorado State, and San Jose State. Inconsistency would plague this team all season, as they would end up losing their next 3 games to Boise State, Fresno State, and New Mexico by 3 points, 4 points, and 4 points respectively. The Aztecs would then go on to alternate wins and losses over their next 4 games beating Colorado State and Air Force, but losing on the road at UNLV by 10 and at Fresno by 18. Following their loss to Fresno State, the Aztecs traveled to Reno to take on the only team in the Mountain West ranked inside the top 25 and current leaders of the conference, the Nevada Wolfpack. The score at halftime was tied at 35, but the second half was a completely different story and the Aztecs would go on to lose this game by 25 points.

Since the shellacking the Aztecs were handed in the second half of that game, they are undefeated going an impressive 6-0 including wins over the top two teams in the conference, Boise State and Nevada. San Diego State now takes their modest 6 game winning streak into the Mountain West Conference Tournament, which begins on Wednesday March 7th. The Aztecs will be looking for revenge against their first opponent, Fresno State, who swept them in both meetings during the regular season, the game will take place Thursday at 2:30 PM with the winner facing Nevada in the semi-final on Friday. Coaches always talk about playing your best basketball in March, and that is exactly what the Aztecs are doing. The Aztecs would need to win the Mountain West Tournament if they want a chance of dancing in the NCAA tournament, so it is as good a time as any to be firing on all cylinders. If the Aztecs are unable to bring home the Mountain West Tournament Championship, it seems likely they will end up in the NIT for the second time in the last 3 years.

SDSU Baseball Off to Hot Start

By Rauiri McCann

SDSU baseball has started the season hot, winning six of their first nine games. This has been in large part due to their strong offense and powerful pitching. The top offensive players include:

Chase Calabuig, Matt Rudick, and Jordan Verdon.

Senior, Chase Calabuig, has been the power of the offense, slashing .333/.405/.611. He leads the team in doubles (4), home runs (2), RBIs (7), and total bases (22).

New to the team, Matt Rudick, has made a big impression is his first nine games as an Aztec. He has started his collegiate baseball career slashing .414/.469/.483. He is tied for the team lead in hits (12) and triples (1).

Junior, Jordan Verdon, has provided a solid bat in the middle of the lineup for the Aztecs so far. He is slashing .273/.342/.424, with three doubles, 6 RBIs, and a team leading three Hit By Pitches.

Perhaps the main reason the Aztecs are 6-3 to start the season is because of their pitching. The top pitchers include: Jacob Erickson, Adrian Mardueno, Jorge Fernandez, and Garrett Hill.

Jacob Erickson has been one of the go to men out of the bullpen for Mark Martinez, and Erickson has not let him down so far. He has a 2.53 ERA in 10.2 IP, with 12 strikeouts and a batting average against of .225.

Adrian Mardueno has been another go-to for Martinez, appearing in five of the Aztec’s nine games. He has pitched to an astounding 0.00 ERA in 5 innings, with 8 strikeouts and a batting average against of .235.

Jorge Fernandez has lived up to the expectations of closer, receiving saves in two of the six wins. He has dominated with his electric stuff, pitching to a 1.12 ERA in 8 innings of work. He has 9 strikeouts and a batting average against of .172.

So far, Garrett Hill has been the teams top starter, with a 3.00 ERA through 9 innings in his first two starts of the year. He has sent down 15 batters via the strikeout, dominating lineups with a .250 batting average against.

The Aztecs have a young team full of potential this season, making them favorites to repeat as Mountain West Champions. With the first two weeks of the season down, the Aztecs have proven they are not a team to mess with this year.