XXYYXX has been a name in the underground electronic world for quite some time. In 2012 he dropped his self-titled album that is still garnering him attention five years later. While he hasn’t put out a plethora of new music since his most well known LP, he has kept himself busy and his pockets full by consistently touring and performing at shows and festivals throughout the years. He is currently on tour with similar themed DJ, Chrome Sparks. On Dec. 1 they played a show here in San Diego, at the North Park Observatory.

Chrome Sparks opened up with a fun and elastic set, keeping relatively small crowd on their feet in anticipation for the headliner. These were both planned to be DJ sets rather than a live set, in the sense that both artists were expected to play more of not only their own music, but generally more upbeat danceable tunes. Some attendees might not have realized this, as I overheard multiple times from within the crowd that the music that was being played did not quite match up with the tempo of the artists own music.

After about an hour and a half, the anxious crowd was met with the set they were waiting for. XXYYXX came out, and just like his opener, played a blend of his own tunes with those that were equally alternative but had enough kick to keep you moving. Even with tracks to make you bounce, the maximum excitement was achieved when XXYYXX played his most popular songs off of his self titled album. It’s amazing to think that even five years later people still listen to and love that album enough to support it and it’s creator.

Overall it was a fun, intimate show where you didn’t have to worry about being squeezed shoulder to shoulder just to listen to some of your favorite songs. Fans who were unaware of XXYYXX’s difference in produced music and live shows were definitely in for a surprise. That is a surprise that I enjoyed every time I have seen him, and hope to keep enjoying in the future.