Movements at the OC Observatory

Movements performed a sold-out show at the Observatory Orange County on Friday, April 19.

With alternative rock groups alongside Movements including Drug Church, Trash Boat, and Boston Manor, Movements managed to put on a memorable act that shows their growth as musicians as well as their appreciation for their loyal hometown fans.

Orange County’s Observatory, in comparison to the North Park location, was a bit too claustrophobic for my liking. For one, the venue was entirely general admission but consisted of terraces that spaced out the crowd into awkward sections. Second, the pit was simply too tiny for the number of people wanting to mosh, crowd surf, and just have that full concert experience. The crowd was stuffed like sardines but this did not put a damper on their energy for the openers. Unfortunately, I missed Drug Church and Trash Boat’s sets, but Boston Manor’s performance easily made up for it and got me excited for the rest of the concert.

An Emo and pop-punk band from across the pond, Boston Manor is hands down one of my favorite groups to watch live. Henry Cox is an excellent frontman with the vocal abilities to match which showed in their opener “Flowers in Your Dustbin” from their latest release Welcome to the Neighbourhood. Backed by talented musicians, Cox kept the crowd moving with their hits like “Halo” and “Lead Feet,” angst-driven anthems that warmed up fans for the main event.

Movements exploded in popularity upon releasing their debut album Feel Something in 2017.

Since then, they’ve toured with big-name players in the scene such as Knuckle Puck, Citizen, Turnover, and The Story So Far. The band opened with “The Grey” which describes the feeling of slipping into a cold and lonely depression. Frontman Patrick Miranda, who is open about his struggles with anxiety and depression, is unafraid to speak on mental health issues in his lyrics. Next up was a fan favorite “Colorblind” which had the audience pushing, shoving, and loudly singing along. Miranda is known for his colorblindness, consistently making note of it in other songs like “Deep Red” which is a personal favorite of mine. This song starts off with a catchy bassline, worked by Austin Cressey, that punches through the guitars and vocals. The chorus is ear-wormy in and of itself with a break down that allowed the band to let loose on stage.

Movements is a SoCal band that grew up in Rancho Santa Margarita who, despite their rise to fame in the scene, have not forgotten their roots. This show specifically was a sign of gratitude to the fans that have stayed with them all these years. Patrick reminisced to the time they opened for the band Basement in the same venue. In 2015, they performed in front of 300 people. Today, they sold-out a well-known music venue, playing in front of an audience who truly cares about their art.

The end of the show was bittersweet. Movements came out to a crowd chanting their name and finished with the classic “Daylily.” As the song reached its crescendo, Patrick raised the mic to the audience as they sang “‘I think it’s time you had a pink cloud summer'” back to the band. The group felt at home and living the dream.

Written by: Rica Perez

Review: The Story So Far

Bridget Rickman recounts her experience at The Epicentre for The Story So Far:

Pop-punk band The Story So Far hit San Diego for their 2014 Fall Tour, which started October 1st and will be ending this Halloween. The Walnut Creek natives played alongside UK band Gnarwolves at The Epicentre this past Friday.

It was no surprise that this quickly became another sold-out show for the popular band. With a fan-base that has only been growing since their start in 2007, The Story So Far brings together a large group of teens and young-adults who scream every lyric with angst filled passion.

It only took one beat for the crowds to start rushing towards the front, each fan uncomfortably squeezed against another. Of course, no one cared as the music blared through the small venue and the moshing picked up speed. It’s always a good feeling, as a fan, to see the look on each band member’s face as they gaze out into the frenzy their music creates. Teenagers hung from the rafters, kids dove into the crowd with looks of determination, a classic scene for most pop-punk shows. As the set moved on, the clothes of every fan became more drenched in sweat, and the smiles and singing grew more aggresive.

The Story So Far played fan-favorites such as Quicksand and Mt. Diablo, as well as some tracks off their new album titled, Songs Of. A line of fans pressed up against the front of the stage let out cries of admiration for the handsomely tattooed front man, Parker Cannon. The microphone took turns being screamed into, back and forth between the band and their dedicated fans.

The Story So Far stopped between songs to thank everyone and pointed out that they were at a loss for words because of how fun the show was for them. It was a moment where everyone recognized how much both the band and the fans feed off of each other for that adrenaline fueled good time.

As the night came to an end, Epicentre staff informed The Story So Far that there was time for just one more song and no-doubt the crowd screamed every last word with conviction. As someone who frequents local shows, I have to say that The Story So Far was one of the best live performances that I have had the chance to be a part of


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