The Greeting Committee and Bombay Bicycle Club at the Observatory North Park

The Greeting Committee brought high energy opening for Bombay Bicycle Club at the Observatory North Park on September 27, 2019.

This show was my third time seeing The Greeting Committee, and in the largest venue yet. My favorite thing about The Greeting Committee has always been their stage presence; which has not been lost at all from a 400 capacity venue, to the 1,100 capacity Observatory. Even from the very back of the venue, the band’s energy and movement make you feel as much a part of the action as the members themselves.

Opening with a cover of the intro of Nirvana’s “Aneurysm” leading into powerful “She’s a Gun”; as singer Addie Sartino ran on stage to join guitarist Brandon Yangmi, bassist Pierce Turcotte, drummer Austin Fraser, and touring guitarist Noah Spencer; The Greeting Committee immediately brought the message that the night was going to be an electrifying one. 

Next was “17“, followed by “Dancing To Nothing At All”. “Dancing” is one of my all-time favorite live tracks because it starts out slow and somber before picking up and having a killer saxophone solo by Pierce while Addie takes over on bass. Pierce kept his saxophone for “You’ve Got Me”, which kept the crowd excited and intrigued. New song “What If Tomorrow Never Comes” feels more emotional and raw, similar to older “Birthday Song” and “I Don’t Mind”.

Another favorite thing about The Greeting Committee is their ability to connect.

One of my favorite moments of the night was seeing two friends embrace each other during “Hands Down“, a song about “the joy that comes from unconditional, ever-present loves, whether that takes place in a family or romantic setting”. During this song, I am always reminded of my best friend and feel like they’re right next to me even though they’re on the opposite coast. Between the song itself, the band’s performance of it, and fans’ interactions in the crowd, “Hands Down” evokes some of the sincerest feelings about favorite people. 

During the last song “Don’t Go”, the band took a pause after the bridge while Addie asked “please San Diego, take one giant step forward…please San Diego, this show is going really well, I think we all know what’s about to come” before performing the strong last chorus and rocking out until the very end. 

While The Greeting Committee captured attention, Bombay Bicycle Club held it. 

Compared to opener The Greeting Committee, headliner Bombay Bicycle Club was definitely calmer. Most of the crowd was there for Bombay, and most likely have been established fans of the British indie rock band for many years. Just performing songs that people haven’t heard since their last tour five years ago, or ever, made for an entrancing show from the band. As I looked around the crowd, I saw only 10 cell phones out at once; San Diego was in awe of Bombay Bicycle Club. 

Classics like “Always Like This“, “Luna“, and “Shuffle” had an obvious response of familiarity from the crowd, and new song “Eat, Sleep, Wake (Nothing But You)” and unreleased songs “Is It Real” and “Everything Else Has Gone Wrong” provided a renewed but still familiar feeling of fulfillment within the crowd as Bombay Bicycle Club went on to perform a show that solidified them as one of the best indie rock bands, entering a new era that will further prove that.

The Greeting Committee has a new EP I’m Afraid I’m Not Angry out October 17. Bombay Bicycle Club’s new album Everything Else Has Gone Wrong will be released January 17. 

Check out The Greeting Committee’s current releases here, and Bombay Bicycle Club’s here.

Written by: Emerson Redding
Photos by: Emerson Redding

You Should Know: Faye Risakotta & The Greeting Committee

Two of my current favorite artists I have on repeat are Faye Risakotta, a pop/R&B singer-songwriter from Jakarta, Indonesia, and The Greeting Committee, an indie-rock band from Kansas City, MO.

Faye Risakotta
Photo from: Facebook

At just 16 years old, Faye Risakotta has one of the most hauntingly beautiful voices I’ve heard.

I was first introduced to Faye through her song “Stay Home” and instantly fell in love with the power behind her voice and the light feeling I got while listening. The authenticity of her Adele-like voice blends together with radio-friendly music to create something new to captivate every audience. The strings version of “Stay Home” adds another level of somberness to her tune about preferring home to anywhere else, and only emphasizes how breathtaking her voice is. Another thing I love about Faye is how obvious you can tell her passion is. In everything she does, from live videos to lyric videos, you can tell she puts a lot of work in and was meant to be doing what she does. I won’t be surprised if Faye Risakotta becomes an international artist, with her dedication and the musical talent she possesses. 

Listen to her latest release “Secrets” here.

The Greeting Committee
Photo from: Facebook

The Greeting Committee has remained one of my favorite bands for a couple of years now, and my love for them just keeps getting stronger. 

The indie-rock quartet has carried a raw and personal essence from their first EP in 2015, It’s Not All That Bad, to debut album This Is It released just about a year ago. I’ve always appreciated just how real they feel; there’s a sense of connection when listening to their music, which is something that can seem a little rare these days. The first time I saw them live was at a remote, cell service-less, outdoor venue in northern Colorado where I ended up dancing in the front row with singer Addie Sartino, having the time of my life… I think that’s still the best way I can attempt to explain The Greeting Committee. Songs like “You’ve Got Me” and “Out Of My Head” feel meant for forgetting everything else but remembering that good music exists in its purest form and there is always a chance for connection.

The band is currently on tour, with another one planned right after, and just announced forthcoming EP I’m Afraid I’m Not Angry. The Greeting Committee is definitely a name to remember, with nothing but more success in their future.

Written by: Emerson Redding