DLD Rocks San Diego

On Monday, May 29, I had the opportunity to cover the concert of a band that exemplifies perseverance, determination and of course, passion. Few Mexican bands get to go on tour in the United States, but DLD is one of them. During an intimate interview on their tour bus, the members of the band, Francisco, […]

Stööki Movement

If you haven’t heard of Stööki Sound, then they should be first on your playlist this semester. Originally from London, DJ Lukey and Jelacee of Stööki Sound have curated their unique style by using elements from UK bass, hip-hop, and trap. Stööki has collaborated with DJs such as Mr. Carmack and TroyBoi, and is currently […]

Neighborhood Jams: Finch

Happy December, readers! It is now officially the holiday season so gather around the decorated fireplace, grab a cup of marshmallows (with just a splash of cocoa), and let’s talk about this week’s neighborhood jam band that is Finch! Now Finch has a lot of projects in the making right now, and it’s pretty exciting to see what’s in […]

Neighborhood Jams: New Found Glory

Happy Wednesday, everyone! I hope you are all gearing up for Thanksgiving tomorrow and a nice lil’ break from exams, papers, and everything school related. This week’s neighborhood jams is really special – last Sunday Yellowcard and New Found Glory ended their 6-week tour HERE in San Diego to a sold out crowd at the House of Blues downtown… […]